The Minister of tourism of Buryatia fell on the ramp, trying to get to the hotel in a wheelchair


Photo: still from the video of the TV channel “ATV”

Testing a barrier-free environment in Ulan-Ude senior official ended in confusion, said “Baikal-Daily”. The Minister of tourism of Buryatia Maria Badmatsyrenova fell from the wheelchair, trying to get the ramp in the hotel “Geser”. “Actually, no words,” she admitted.

Testing a barrier-free environment in Ulan-Ude was conducted by TV channel “ATV” in order to check how the city is ready to welcome people with disabilities as Buryatia is preparing to become a base for training of Paralympic athletes. Participation in it took the Minister of tourism of Buryatia Maria Badmatsyrenova. The results of the experiment were quite sad.

“Checking six major hotels, it can be concluded that not very good we prepared to receive our guests,” – said the Chairman of the regional public Foundation “Society without barriers” Galina Humpback. As the correspondent of “ATV” Eugene Garanin, with difficulty climbing on a not very steep ramp of the hotel “Baikal Plaza”, replied briefly: “Scary.”

Took part in the experiment, the Minister of tourism of Buryatia Maria Badmatsyrenova agreed to sit in a wheelchair, and personally to test available Wednesday in one of the hotels of Ulan-Ude. The first attempt to call the ramp to the hotel “Geser” over the fact that the Minister overturned with a wheelchair. The second time though with difficulty, she managed to overcome a ramp, but to get to the hotel lobby, she was unable due to high thresholds, and to drive the Elevator failed due to a too narrow opening.

“In fact, there are no words, – admitted Mary Badmatsyrenova. – Real, full of emotions, I did not expect a little that is so difficult. Although it would seem that there is not lifting. I couldn’t even move curb height 3-2-4 cm. This is very important for all of us to reflect on that question. Because all people are equal, all have the same rights”.

“And ignoring of the law, and misunderstanding of, – commented the results of the experiment Galina Humpback. – Because they really are not in a situation in which people with reduced mobility. And if they for even one day sat in a wheelchair, blindfolded and tried to take advantage of the services they provide, I think their understanding would have been much more.”