Charity auction evening of the Foundation “STEP TOGETHER” and “Life with cerebral palsy”


March 29 was held the annual Charity event Fund “Step together” and the magazine “Life with cerebral palsy”. Which year in a row people are contributing, helping children with the disease cerebral palsy. All proceeds and is about one million rubles will be directed targeted to families with children with cerebral palsy.

With a salutatory word from the Health Department was made by the chief Children’s neurologist of Moscow Tatyana Timofeevna Batyshev.

Leading the evening was the charming Polina Kutsenko and Dmitry Nesterov.

Thanks to the auctioneer Gregory Pogosyan, the lots were sold with great pleasure. One of the expensive lots was the picture of Dani Rodionova – artist, pupil of the Fund that draws with your fingers. The work lasted for 155 000. A most unusual lot — “the cat in the bag” — 35 000 rubles. Total for the evening were collected 912 000. All funds raised will be spent on targeted assistance to children with cerebral palsy, charity Fund “STEP TOGETHER”.

For Pauline it was a debut in the leading role: “I was very nervous, after all first try. But I tried and I hope the excitement for all is invisible”

Gosha Kutsenko: “Today is not just a concert. We play and at the same time help to raise money for a good cause. The Fund for more than five years. Crossed first anniversary. Our whole life is an interaction with each other. Help, support. Sometimes you can just make a step forward and the problem is solved. The main thing not to remain indifferent to the pain of others”

Supported the event and a longtime friend of the Foundation Angelica Agurbash: “Very emotional evening. There are people here who are important not just to go and have fun, but to help. And so cool that a lot of them”

Mila Solovyeva, chief editor of the Magazine “Life with cerebral palsy”: “I’m glad I was able to collect a large enough amount. Finally someone from the Foundation will welcome assistance: wheelchair, rehabilitation and treatment. Now charges for the treatment and technical AIDS required a lot of effort, but not because people have become stale. On the contrary, those who came to us — was ready to redeem all of the auction items, the auction was very hot. In the future, I hope, will support us! Special thanks I want to Express to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Sergey Valerievich Katushkina, who was unable to attend the event, but without whom the evening could not take place”

During the break between the heat of the struggle for the lots, their musical numbers were performed by: Angelica Agurbash, Dmitry Nesterov, singer and actress Eva Bristol, the author and performer of Amaria, Vladimir Brilev, a rock band, “Fly!”. The finale of the evening was the concert Gosha Kutsenko and the band “GK”.

The evening was a fashion show collection S|S 2018 Actor and designer Andrey Nazimov.

Guests of the evening were: Angelica, Alisa Tolkacheva, artist Alex Che, Val Nicholas, Catherine Miller, Julia Akimova, MASTANK, Vladimir and Mary Lyovka, Olga Pankova, producers Maria Ivanova and Vadim Byrkin, Dan Danilevsky, Elena Biryukova, Anna Kalashnikov, Vitaly Abdulov, Evgeniy Polyakov, the singer DARINA, Julia Pak, Elizabeth Golovin, Ilshat Shabayev, Yan Yanovsky, NJOHN, Olga Aref’eva, Roman Bogdanov and many other celebrities that support the Foundation “Step together”

We thank our partners for their invaluable support in the event:
strategic partner of the Foundation of the jewellery house PistachiO, restaurant, Gusyatnikoff, restaurant “Campus”, MyLebanon, R. O. C. S, 0 calories, a network of dentists “ЭкстроDent” Crocus city Oceanarium, circus of dancing fountains “aquamarine”, 87 clinic Gen clinic MED GL, “Joy of Taste” Palladin of Gold, UOMO Collezioni, Thomas Munz, LilianasPearl, Carand’ache, GL beauty, Dobrotici, Lovely Puppets, Elekto met,, Eurowine, gallaDance, Yadrov Studio, NazimovBrand, Bella Vita, A/H, Want to eat the Gold of the Caspian sea, borschivka, and many others

Gosha Kutsenko

Vladimir Lev and Marusya Levkin

chief editor of the magazine “Life with cerebral palsy” Mila Solovyeva

Gosha Kutsenko and Angelica

designer Alisa Tolkacheva

singer and presenter Vladimir Brilev

Alexander Litvin, Gosha Kutsenko, Elena Biryukova, Alexander Pavlov

actress Elena Biryukova

master Grigory Pogosyan, the soloist of the group “Fly” Polina Novikova, actor Gosha Kutsenko

actress and presenter Polina Kutsenko

soul singer Veruca

chief editor of the magazine “Life with cerebral palsy” Mila Solovyov and actor Gosha Kutsenko

singer and presenter Dmitry Nesterov

the participant of auction with a lot of “Dobrotica”

actor and designer Andrey Nazimov (NAZIMOVBRAND)

chief editor of the magazine “Life with cerebral palsy” Mila Solovyov and actor Vitaly Abdulov

actress Elena Biryukova with her daughters

artist Alex Che

singer Vladimir Levkin with his wife Marusia and daughter Nika

singer Angelica Agurbash

master Grigory Pogosyan leading Polina Kutsenko, a leading Dmitry Nesterov

chief children’s neurologist of Moscow, the Deputy MHD Tatiana Petrova Batyshev

Ivan Kudryavtsev, Inga Sikharulidze, Nikita Nikonov

actor Yan Yanovsky, actress and presenter Polina Kutsenko