Donation can be learned through video tutorials


The national Foundation for development of health in conjunction with the blood Center of FMBA of Russia with the support of the presidential grants have developed a series of instructional videos – educational videos, which in an accessible form tells about the donation of blood and its components and on the preparation of donor stock.

The first video educational series dedicated to the donation of blood and blood components: it helps to everyone to understand who can donate blood in Russia using components of donor blood, what are the cellular components of blood, how do they preform, how is the calculation of gratuitous donation to receive the badge “Honorary donor of Russia”, what are the intervals between donations should be followed to maintain health.

The second movie is designed first and foremost to the organizers of donor movement, who plan to hold a blood drive at the place of work or study. The video describes what formats stock can be used, which highlights the preparation of the action it is necessary to pay attention.

– Prepared video materials will be prepared using corps of organizers of movement of the donor, in communication with the media and citizen journalists, transferred into the institutions of the blood Service for the organization of work with the donor kdrama, and used to work with potential and actual donors of blood and its components for the purpose of increasing the share of donor personnel, educational work, – says Elena Stefanyuk, Director of the National Fund of healthcare development, Deputy head of the coordination centre for blood donation at the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. – The format of the videos allows them to be placed on various media: websites, social networks, outdoor advertising screens in the premises, and the content of educational video tutorials gives you the opportunity to understand their sound.

Download files how-to video on the donation of blood for use in electronic form and making posters at the link .

A series of video tutorials on the donation of blood components, the preparation days for the donor and maintaining the health of the donor is part of the information-methodical material “to Be organized just 2” in the framework of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society provided by the presidential grants.