Art volunteers MEDSI have supported sick children


On the eve of the feast of the Passover team of art volunteers, the GROUP of participants of the volunteer movement “heart to heart” came to visit the children wards of the charity Fund “give life” undergoing treatment at the research Institute of neurosurgery named. N. N. Burdenko.

Holiday for any child is an occasion for joy and merry smiles. And even if instead of comfort around hospital walls, that’s no reason to be sad. Therefore, the feast of the Passover for the little patients of the research Institute of neurosurgery named. N. N. Burdenko began with the works – thanks to the initiative of volunteers of the GROUP, which held for the children a fascinating master-class given its holiday-themed “Easter basket sequins”.

The young patients of the Department are actively involved in the creative process. No less enthusiasm in decorating Easter baskets and showed their parents, who, together with children did: glued, painted, dream, create with their own hands a bright festive mood. For reviews one of the mothers, it is very important to children who, because of illness torn from his ordinary life with its joys and Hobbies, to give at least a few hours opportunity to feel like normal children, to forget about the disease, intravenous injections, laugh loudly and create.

The result of the creative work is amazing and original Easter baskets, which the children took with them as a wonderful holiday gift. But more importantly excellent mood, Sunny baby smiles, like a ray, flamed in the eyes of children.

Creative workshops for young patients, the research Institute of Neurosurgery named. N. N. Burdenko, which takes care of the charity Fund “give life”, members of the volunteer movement of companies MEDSI “heart to heart” conducted for the second year. Conducting creative workshops with the efforts of art-volunteers — a chance for young patients to feel the vibrant colors of life, at least for a few hours forgetting about the disease.

Volunteers of the GROUP are grateful to the Fund “give life” for the opportunity to be a part of such important and necessary work, how to support children in the fight against the disease. Let positive emotions, smiles and good mood will help children and their parents to come out victorious from all the trials.