The government has approved new rules establishing disability


Photo: Dmitry Neumoin / Photobank Lori

The Russian government adopted the resolution No. 339 from 29.03.2018, which defines the cases where disability may be established in perpetuity already in the primary treatment, or by absentee examination. In addition, the new regulations include the possibility of changes in YPRES, without revision of disability or the period for which it is installed.

“Expanded the list of diseases, defects, irreversible morphological changes, violations of functions of organs and body systems, as well as indications and conditions in order to establish the disability and the category “disabled child”. On the basis of the corrected list of experts of the ITU already during the initial examination can establish disability without specifying the period of re-examination in absentia or the category “disabled child” until the citizen is 18 years of age. Thus, it will be possible to determine the duration of disability is at the discretion of the specialist ITU”, – stated in the certificate to the document.

The document also notes that the state of human health and staying in remote and inaccessible areas of the examination may be conducted in absentia.


As people with disabilities to prepare for ITU?

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers also defined the list of the purposes of the ITU, which can be specified in the statement on carrying out mediko-social examination. “The introduction of this norm will give the citizen the right to apply to the Bureau of ITU own, when for various reasons it does not have on his hands the direction of the ITU, as well as to resolve a particular issue without mandatory re-examination, including changes to the individual program of rehabilitation or habilitation of the disabled”, – stated in the certificate.