The Ministry of labor has developed criteria for assessing the quality of services in clinics and Bureau, ITU


Photo: Alexander Podshivalov / Photobank Lori

The Ministry of labor of the Russian Federation published a draft order, which establishes the procedure and criteria for assessing the quality of services in the field of culture, health, education, social services and institutions of medico-social examination. One of the key criteria is the availability of such services for persons with disabilities.

An independent evaluation will be conducted according to the criteria of quality assessment of the terms of service established by Federal law No. 392-FZ. Among them are the following criteria:

  • openness and accessibility of information about the organization of the social sphere;
  • comfort of terms of service, including waiting time of the service;
  • the availability of services for persons with disabilities;
  • the kindness, politeness of employees of organizations of social sphere;
  • udovletvorennost the terms of service.

So, for example, openness and accessibility of the medical institutions will be assessed by the presence of the remote interactions with patients: telephone, e-mail, the application form on the official website, electronic complaints book. Comfort of facilities for patients will be assessed by the presence of the waiting area with appropriate furniture, understandable navigation inside the building, coolers, running and free toilets etc.

As sources of information about the quality of the terms of service will be used analysis of the official websites of the organizations of the social sphere on the Internet and other public information resources organizations. To assess the quality of services will also be used methods such as surveillance, test purchases, visits to organizations, surveys of service recipients.