Competition in financial literacy for students and their parents


Competition on financial literacy QIWI FINTEEN and online school “Foxford” is carried out on the basis of online Olympics Foxford. The competition is free to anyone until April 15.

The competition “Financial battle” is:

° involve students in a discussion of issues related to financial literacy;

° to form a correct idea about the economic aspects of society and the ability to make informed financial decisions;

° to provide the fundamental knowledge and skills in the financial sector; to promote knowledge about basic financial concepts and terms for children and parents.

Development tasks were conducted by the staff of the educational program QIWI FINTEEN. Solved tasks you can do at any time before the end of the contest. After the contest each participant will receive personal advice on your results.

The winners will receive valuable gifts. Among them: 20 of vouchers in the camp “Artek”, portable projectors, t-shirt, flash drive, contactless Bank card, bag, stickers and hoodies.

“We believe that the earlier a child becomes an equal participant in financial relations, the more successful it will be in the future, the less chances he has to fall into the trap, the more developed will be his financial thinking. Our contest questions touch on such areas as security and modern payment technology, make us think about the consequences of making questionable financial decisions, demonstrate that financial knowledge is needed by all. But the competitive spirit and prizes — is what ensures a high level of involvement. Especially when at stake is a trip to the most popular camp in the country”, — said Elena Lutsenko, head of educational programs QIWI FINTEEN.

Online Olympiad will be held from Foxford 2015. For three years it was attended by more than 600 000 students from 21,000 schools in 44 countries. Each academic year there are three seasons Olympiads in mathematics, Russian, physics, computer science, English, biology, chemistry, social science and history. In March 2018 the Olympics will be held in the format of the competition. The competition format was chosen to more participants of different skill levels could participate.

Official site of the international competition on financial literacy