New Coca-Cola Museum invites you to tour


March 29 Coca-Cola HBC Russia in Istra district of Moscow region took place the festive opening of the ninth Coca-Cola Museum, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the plant. Guided tour to fully demonstrate the strict control of product quality, and employees of the company have provided a truly bright and reception, a fully justified reputation as a customer-oriented and socially responsible company.


The event was attended by chief procurement officer of Coca-Cola HBC Russia the Nikos zachariadis Zacharias along with a representative of the administration of the Istra district. According to the Director of production work in the clean district of Moscow region provides local people jobs with high salary white and makes a great contribution to environmental protection. Of course, the Coca-Cola system is one of the largest investors in the Russian economy, but the company’s achievements in social growth cannot be underestimated. A number of projects aimed at the development and support of local communities on a regular basis do their job: for example, “Green team” is very popular Russian subbotniks, the program of “Divide us” for all time gathered more than 4,800 tonnes of plastic, which is subsequently processed and used again. Every year Coca-Cola helps students foster families, orphanages and boarding schools, and poor families in the framework of the project “Christmas caravan.”


Mr. Nikos zachariadis said: “Today we not only opened a new Coca-Cola Museum in Russia, but also noted the 10th anniversary of the factory in the Istra district of Moscow region. I am pleased to note that over 60% of the employees of this company working here since the Foundation. In addition to providing residents the Istra district jobs, we contribute to other aspects of socio-economic development of the Moscow region. Investments of Coca-Cola HBC in Russia, the factory in the Istra district during its existence amounted to 8.8 billion rubles. Only for 2012-2016 in the economy of Moscow, Moscow region and cities of “Golden ring” of Coca-Cola in Russia has invested $ 445,5 million.”


Since mid-April, those interested will be able to apply for a free tour of the production. The new Museum reflects the culture, history and main concept of the brand, and represents a collection of branded bottles and sports paraphernalia. On the walls of the Museum in a clear and simple infographic shows the progress in the development of the company. For example, package weight regularly reduced, which reduces the consumption of plastic, glass and electricity, and water for production comes from 3 artesian wells directly into the premises. It was also shown a plant for the preparation and purification of water blended office and laboratory for quality control.


Such openness of the company once again underlines the high quality products and sincerity towards consumers. Coca-Cola shows that the brand is responsible for compliance with all international and Russian standards, and the reputation, honesty and trust – remain unspoken corporate.