In the suburbs, introduce a new social payment for food and clothes for disabled children



Moscow regional Duma adopted in three readings the law on the introduction of new social benefits for families with children with disabilities – for the purchase of food and clothing, according to RIAMA. The amount of the annual payment will be 13 020 thousand rubles.

“The draft law proposed to establish the right of families raising children with disabilities for the provision of additional measures sotspodderzhki in the form of annual payments 13020 rubles for the purchase of food and clothing for the child during the period of his training in the state educational organizations of Moscow region, municipal educational organizations conducting educational activity on educational programs of initial General, basic General and secondary General education,” – said the Minister of social development of the Moscow region Irina Raevska.

As we reported earlier, qualify for the new welfare payment can families with children with disabilities of school age, whose per capita income is 1.5 times less than that established in the Moscow region cost of living (18 234 thousand rubles).

We have previously reported that from 1 January 2018 in the Moscow region comes into force a new law under which people with disabilities will be provided an additional means of rehabilitation, is not included in the Federal list. For these purposes from the regional budget allocated 24.9 million rubles.

We also wrote that the Moscow region Duma adopted a law under which the right to free travel in Moscow received 20 preferential categories of citizens. For these purposes from the regional budget will be allocated 1.3 billion rubles. Free use of public transport in Moscow will be able to more than 850 thousand inhabitants of Moscow suburbs.