Apple has created a set of emojis on the subject of disability



Apple has sent a proposal to the Unicode consortium to add new emojis depicting characters with various disabilities. Among the new Emoji characters with disabilities-wheelchair users, the characters of dentures, a cane, a hearing aid, a guide dog.

“Every seventh person in the world has some form of disability associated with physical limitations, impaired vision and hearing, loss of motor skills or with a hidden, invisible disabilities, – the document says. – The current selection of Emoji provides a wide range of ideas about people and objects, but it is intended for the General public and says very little about the life experiences of people with disabilities. We believe that this technology should be available to all. The addition of Emoji that symbolizes life experience of the users will contribute to the understanding of different cultures, which also include disability”.

A new set of Apple Emoji was developed in collaboration with the American Council of the blind, the National Association of the deaf and United cerebral palsy Foundation. The authors of this idea believe that Emoji should not, and may not reflect the full range of forms and categories of disability, for this purpose we have chosen four main categories of disability: blind and visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, people with physical disabilities and hidden disabilities.

At present, there are 13 emojis that describe the most common categories of disability. Among them wheelchair users, characters with dentures, a cane, a hearing aid, a guide dog. In the near future this gallery will be expanded to 45 sites.

“Emoji is a universal language and a powerful tool for communication, as well as a form of expression that can be used not only to present his personal experience, but to show support for a loved one” – say at Apple.