In the Rostov region the queue for housing for the disabled lasted for 20 years



Of 834 people with disabilities who applied until 2005, a subsidy for the purchase of housing will receive less than 2%, according to RostovGazeta. In 2018, the subsidies will have a waiting list with disabilities that stood on the account in 1996.

“Every third disabled person in the Rostov region is in the queue for housing and this year, subsidies for housing will be granted to those persons with disabilities who were registered in 1996,” – said the head of Department of implementation of social housing programs of the Ministry of construction, architecture and territorial development of the Rostov region Lyudmila Zykova.

According to her, currently in the Rostov region, there are 834 people with disabilities who were registered for housing in 2005. “This year, for the Rostov region is designed slightly more than 11 million to 15 people,” – said Zykov.


Housing for persons with disabilities and children with disabilities: how to obtain and under what conditions

Thus, the subsidy for housing will receive less than 2% people with disabilities. It is easy to calculate that if the queue will move at a pace that wait their turn to receive housing will be possible not earlier than in 20 years.