At the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre, the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” has launched the program “Football without discrimination”


At the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre, the organizing Committee “Russia-2018” has launched the program “Football without discrimination.”

The program will serve not only the preparation and conduct of the forthcoming summer world Cup, but of the whole educational system of the country, becoming the legacy of the tournament.

“The programme is based on creating an inclusive environment, which completely lacks any discrimination, – said the Director of the sustainable development Department of the organizing Committee Milan Vergunova. – At the end of the program will be trained more than 60 thousand people, and all the accumulated materials will remain free and will become an important legacy of the world Cup.”

The launch was timed to the International day for the elimination of racial discrimination, which is celebrated annually on 21 March.

At noon in various educational institutions across the country with the support of the Ministry of education have learned “Football without discrimination”, main themes of which are intercultural dialogue, dialogue of religions and vulnerable groups in society. In the heart of tolerance in the environment part in the lesson was attended Moscow high school and University students. The uniqueness of the technology lesson developed by a team of the Federal scientific and methodological center in the field of psychology and pedagogy of tolerance is that every teacher from any city of Russia can independently to study online portal and enable any of the blocks in the educational process.

As part of the launch of the program at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre the summing up of the all-Russia competition of art works on the theme of anti-discrimination. The competition is organized by Federal scientific-methodological center in the field of psychology and pedagogy of tolerance with the support of the organizing Committee.

Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia, Director of the Jewish Museum and tolerance center, opening up the Competition said:

“Football without discrimination” is, in many ways, a unique project aimed at reducing xenophobia and racism in sport. We want to show that the objective of sport is to unite people by a common idea and energy to unite our society, to improve team spirit; to show that love and support one team does not mean the humiliation of the opponent. We hope that in the forthcoming world Cup there will be no negative precedents hatred and extremism between fans of different teams. We heartily thank the staff of the organizing Committee “Russia – 2018″ for the partnership. I hope that in the future we will be able to carry out similar projects with other team sports”.

Participation in the Competition attracted artists from 15 to 30 years from 27 cities. At the ceremony, which was conducted by journalist Maria Team, were presented and awarded prizes to the winners in three nominations: “Football unites continents”, “Soccer stereotypes” and “Football opens opportunities.” Two contestants were awarded separate spetsprizom.

Tatyana from Krasnodar Dominova, a poster which was made in the style of avant-garde got the opportunity of a personal exhibition in the framework of the Jewish Museum.

“Football is not just a game. This is a game which no matter who you are, who you work for, what nationality you are and what color your skin is. For football the main thing is to love to play it. It gives people opportunities they can bring to life. This football unites millions of people, it infects them with his dedication, love and fire in the eyes!” — she wrote in his essay to work.

The winners received diplomas from the hands of the goalkeeper of female Russian national team on football Julia Gritsenko, two-time Paralympic champion in swimming Olesya vladykina and is also responsible for the joint Management programme of the UN high Commissioner for human rights and the Russian Federation Rashid Aluash. Guest of the ceremony was a former football player and now journalist Yevgeny Savin. He held a master class for all guests.

The exhibition “the Football discrimination” can be seen at the Jewish Museum and tolerance centre until April 22.