Three forestry school received gifts from the company “Sakhalin Enerdzhi”


The international day of forests, 21 March, the company “Sakhalin energy” presented the equipment in the forestry school of the village of Pokrovka of the Dolinsky area.

The funds for this gift were collected at a charity event organized in the company in 2017 to the Day of workers of oil and gas industry. In the year of the environment to support focused on three school forestry. As the result, collected more than 690 thousand rubles. According to the rules of the program “Hasten to do good”, the company has doubled the amount collected. In addition to intercession school, similar equipment got school in Buyukly Poronaisk and.


On the school site the chief Forester of the forestry Dolinsky Victor Bochkarev and his colleague showed students the possibilities of the new equipment. The children learned that by using the altimeter to measure the height of the tree, and by measuring the plug diameter of the trunk, the compass is needed to measure the angles when filming on location. After this, the children took turns measuring the height of the tree and recorded the measurements in the journal.


In the class, which were presented to the herbarium, a collection of models of plants, a microscope mini-lab “Bee”, and office equipment, members of the school forestry “Cedar”, which in this day like “green land” to appear in dress uniform, enthusiastically learned the peculiarities of using boarding tubes, the sword Kolesov, portable fire extinguisher.


As the head of the school forestry Galina Chueva, students are important work – planting trees, while spetsializiruyutsya on coniferous flora. “Guys planted in the wild Korean pine, larch, Ayan spruce, etc. very Few people can tell about myself that, for example, planted a tree on the hill. Thanks to this enthusiasm increases the qualitative composition of forests. It is important that given to “Sakhalin energy” equipment will help us grow in the future, to improve the level of preparation of students, especially as now is the “hot” spring time”, – said Galina Chueva.


It should be noted that useful “Cedar” and donated office equipment – computer, projector, TV, DVD-player – through which you can view training videos.


Continuing the conversation about the diversity of flora of Sakhalin Oleg burkovskii, senior specialist of the Department of environmental monitoring and conservation of biodiversity of the company “Sakhalin energy”, told the guests about the research that conducted by the company in its activities. During a quiz the students actively answered his questions, surprising those present with his knowledge. By the way, among the graduates of the school parties school forestry students lesotekhnikuma vyazemskogo (Khabarovsk Krai).


As it turned out, many of the guys wonder whether they will see their trees grow. Of course, Yes – after a time when the trees get bigger, has come for each of them.