In Krasnoyarsk started a support service for disabled people



In Krasnoyarsk have created a support service for people with disabilities, the press service of the city administration. Volunteers will help people with disabilities to get to the store, hospital, cinema and other places, and just hold for a walk. A volunteer is a stair lift. Applications will be accepted by phone through the callcenter.

Assistance to people with disabilities will provide specially-trained volunteers. If the house where he lives people with disabilities, no Elevator for lowering and climbing stairs they will use a special crawler lift.

“15 volunteers have already been trained and the rules of support and communication with people with disabilities, – said the President of the Kroo “Open hearts” Elena Nig. – Our assistants – the guys from the student team. It’s safe to say that volunteers are psychologically and methodologically prepared for this work. After teaching kids the service was running in test mode”.

Another focus of this project was to create posters of events in Krasnoyarsk, which will be accessible to people with disabilities. “Any person with disabilities will get acquainted with the activities and programs that will be able to visit. Wish will be offered flyers with invitations, posters and other information about cultural and sports life of our city”, – said the head of management of social protection of administration of Krasnoyarsk Natalia Shore.

In order to make a claim, it is necessary to call the call center and report their data and place of residence, and tell us when and what help is needed. Each application and the ability to assist it professionals call center evaluated individually. If necessary, they can refer the application to the service “Social taxi”.

The Call center will accept applications on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. The phone number of the call center: 205-20-19.

Recall DISLIFE launched the first Russian web service to provide volunteer assistance to people with disabilities “Volunteer DISLIFE”. Now the person that needs help can post on the portal DISLIFE request in one direction:

  • to deliver food or medicines;
  • to help in leaving the house;
  • to take/give on the car;
  • delivery of products or medicines;
  • go for a walk;
  • more.

Registered in the system, the volunteer can respond to the request and execute it.

Due to service “Volunteer DISLIFE” thousands of people with disabilities will be able to get vital assistance and support, and with them faith in themselves and in their abilities. Each person who will become a volunteer of this service, make one step towards acceptance of people with disabilities.