March 21 – international day of person with down syndrome


March 21 – international day of person with down syndrome. Today charitable Foundation “Syndrome of love” in collaboration with the creative Agency Red Keds has prepared a social campaign #MUSEUMAVENUE. Her goal is to show that not only people with down syndrome have features: if we can’t do something, it’s just because we’re human.

A nationwide protest #MUSEUMAVENUE support several Federal and cable TV channels: TNT, ТНТ4, TV3, Friday, Super, 2×2, STS, STS Love, Home, REN TV, Th, 5 channel, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Dozhd, Moscow 24 and Moscow Trust. On the TV screens of millions of citizens in social video will appear in the characters who say that they do not know. The lack of these skills often falls to people with down syndrome. And it unites us all: each of us that can not, because we are all human beings. Red Keds shot the video along with the Fresh Production and Italian Director Nicolo Bravetta. The day the team went to five locations, collecting all the stories into one in 22 hours. The full version of the video can be viewed here.

To reach the hearts of millions of people, stock #MUSEUMAVENUE Fund “Syndrome of love” has been joined by dozens of NGOs and thousands of families from Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Saint-Petersburg, Ufa and other Russian cities, as well as famous people and bloggers: tutta Larsen, Evelina Bledans, Sogdiana, Valdis Pelsh, Olga Shelest, Love Tolkalina, Anna Ardova, Elena borscheva, Vladislav Kanopka, Stas Starovoytov, Vyacheslav Manucharov, Malena Mayakovskaya, Anton Bogdanov, Hamil (Kasta), Maxim Katz, Maria Pogrebnyak, Irina Pudova, Nina Savelyeva, Olga Tertyshnikova and others. To support people with down syndrome may all who believe in the power of love and goodness. For this you can share your video with the hashtag #museumavenue and help us with your donation: http://www.синдромлюбви.рф/donation/

The idea of the campaign draws a line of equality between them and us. In society for people with down syndrome in most cases, looking from the point of view of their restrictions of self-realization: he’s not getting a doctorate, it will not run a marathon, but all of us become scientists, professional athletes, dancers, pianists? We are trying to change this perception by broadcasting a simple message: actually, we’re not all so different, each of us has limitations, “explains the head of strategic division Red Keds Anna Levant.

In the framework of the International day of person with down syndrome charitable Foundation “Syndrome of love” and TV channel “Rain” will hold a rally: a few teenagers with down syndrome, namely Rimma Ismailia, Stas Fyodor Bogdanov and Bogdanov, one day will be able to try yourself in the role of correspondents. They will visit several events and interviewed participants. The stories, the children will be released March 21 in the news on the TV channel “Rain”.

Unfortunately, Russia is still inferior to the progressive countries in terms of socialization of people with disabilities in society. But after a few years things can change. Socialization is a long process and bilateral. On the one hand, we need to prepare the society, the environment, social conditions, infrastructure, and legislation. On the other – the training of people with down syndrome to the complicated and varied lives. You need to create the conditions in which they will feel comfortable and happy, with funding programs for their training and development. And this may be done by all of us: government, public organizations, society as a whole and personally to each person“, – said General Director of Fund “the Syndrome of love” Irina Menshenina.

As well as a social campaign to support the Russian international information Agency “RIA news” and advertising Agency “Laysa”. International day of person with down syndrome to support the restaurant “Chinese pilot jao Da”, restaurant “Southerners”, the company QIWI and DECATHLON RUSSIA.

We are special – we are the people!