“Lenstroytrest” took care of a raccoon in the Leningrad zoo


The construction company “Lenstroytrest” joined the charitable program of Leningrad zoo “Guardianship”. The program combines all caring animal people in order to improve conditions for the animals and conduct research and educational activities.

From 20 March 2018 “Lenstroytrest” is the official guardian of one of the inhabitants of the Leningrad zoo — enotify Molly. Raccoons are amazing animals that possess high level of intelligence and enviable acrobatic abilities. They love to put things in order everywhere get their paws, but this order is not always happy owner of a Coon, so you can keep the raccoon in the home can be difficult.

The animal, which take custody gets the opportunity more often to feast on your favorite delicacies, play new toys, and the zoo will be able to the funds guardian to improve the conditions of detention of the animal.

Molly got to the zoo at one year of age, the former owner has not coped with the content of this active predator at home. The first time Molly was incredulous, but once you get used to a new home and caring staff became softer and friendlier. Now she comes in contact with the workers who care for her, and even gives himself to pet and feed with it. Molly lives in a cage with his best friend – a Pound raccoon, favorite snack enotice – quail eggs.

Director of sales and marketing, CJSC “Lenstroytrest” O. G. Kopeikin: “the Decision to join the charity program of Leningrad zoo it is not by chance – our company has been actively involved in social projects of the city and region, for example, is a regular Donor days in cooperation with the city station of blood transfusion, assistance to shelters and shelters homeless animals, help educational organizations and etc. our business Philosophy requires a high level of social responsibility of the company as a whole and each employee in particular, for us it’s really important. To join the charity program “Care” can not only the company but also anyone who wants to help animals living in the Leningrad zoo. On the zoo’s website in the section devoted to this program, there is information about animals that extra care will be very helpful. We will be glad if our example will be contagious, and soon all the animals who need support, will find their guardians”.