The first performance of the St. Petersburg skier at the Paralympics in 2018


Sergey Alexandrov, the athlete from Saint-Petersburg and the only skier in Russia, acting on the prosthesis, in the fifth day of the Paralympics in 2018 took part in the discipline of “giant slalom” for the first time in the history of St Petersburg of adaptive skiing. In the overall medal standings team neutral Paralympic athletes took second place (17 medals).

In Pyeongchang (Republic of Korea) in the fifth competition day of the winter Paralympics (March 9-18, 2018) Russian athletes under a neutral flag, was announced in the following sports: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and wheelchair Curling.

Skier Sergey Alexandrov first presented in St. Petersburg at the Winter Games in the “giant slalom” among persons with lesions of the musculoskeletal system (in 2009 as a result of the accident Sergey legs were amputated at the upper third of the tibia). The competitions were held in two stages. At first Sergey was selected in the first speech, then met with the strongest athletes of a planet in the second attempt. The sum of the results of the St. Petersburg skier was on the 28th place (out of 42 participants). It’s definitely an achievement for the St. Petersburg winter Paralympic sport (for the last time from St. Petersburg performed at the Paralympics in 1992 — ski race*). But no medals in this discipline, the Russian team left, took silver Alexey Bugaev (Moscow, Krasnoyarsk Krai).

Also on March 14, the NPA team won three medals in ski sprint: gold (FLOOR standing) — Anna Milenina (Sverdlovsk oblast), silver (women’s visually impaired) — Mikhalina Lysova (Sverdlovsk region), bronze (women with sci sitting) — Marta zaynullina (Republic of Tatarstan). But in the overall medal standings neutral Paralympic athletes occupy the second position with 17 medals. While leading representatives of the US – 21 medal.

There is still four days of Paralympic competition. March 17, Petersburger Sergey Alexandrov will perform in “slalom”. BF Tochka OPORY thanks to everyone who helps the Fund to support the athlete since 2014. Wish performances without any worries!


*Information provided by the Committee for physical culture and sports of St. Petersburg.

Photo by Sergei Alexandrov archive.