In Russia came the first scientific-educational children’s book about down syndrome


Photo courtesy of the BF “Syndrome of love”

On the eve of the International day of person with down syndrome, March 20, in the trading house “Biblio-Globus” will take place presentation of the first Russian scientific and educational children’s book “Chromosone” about down syndrome. The author – Svetlana Nagaeva – the mother of a child with down syndrome.

The author, who is not only a talented Director and Illustrator, but also a mother of a boy with down syndrome, was able to easily explain such complex things as what are chromosomes and how they affect each of us. Thanks to the book now parents have a clear and, very importantly, a clear answer, why does a child like mom and dad. All the illustrations in the book belong to the author.

Photo courtesy of the BF “Syndrome of love”

“The story of the library, which stores all the information about the person turned out to be very convenient and simple in order to teach such a difficult subject, – says Svetlana Nagaeva. – There is a scientific theory about “sticky” chromosomes. When dividing the “sticky” chromosome remains on the other, the 21st, and the kid turns on 46, but 47 chromosomes. I thought of how it can portray. Did you know that the same arms. Chromosone, who loved to cuddle, was unable to part with a friend. It is not simply an art book and a popular science for kids and adults: funny living pictures that are interesting to consider younger children, the explanation about chromosomes for older children and therapeutic tale for all parents.”

Photo courtesy of the BF “Syndrome of love”

“I would really like to “Chromozone” appeared not only those who has something against down syndrome, but others, most ordinary people, because to them it can be hard to break. And that down syndrome was associated with Chromosome and arms, and not curse and underdevelopment. I, in turn, open and try to answer all the questions. And the book is in some sense the answer to them”, – assured Svetlana.

The book is published by the publishing and news Agency “Press Menu” with the financial support of the Department of media and advertising of Moscow. You can buy it on the website of the charity Fund “the Syndrome of love.” During the presentation there will be an autograph session with the author, Svetlana tells the story of the creation of the book, answer questions about down syndrome, thrilling for any mother. Media partner of the event – the project “Snob”.

Photo courtesy of the BF “Syndrome of love”

Presentation of the book “Chromosome” will be held at: Myasnitskaya str., 6/3, p. 1 (2nd floor, hall № 13). Admission is free. The event was organized by charitable Foundation of support for people with down syndrome a “Syndrome of love.”