Support BF Safmar Mikhail Gutseriev get more than 30 rural houses of culture


Orenburg oblast. In 2018 in the Russian regions will increase the number of urban and rural cultural institutions that will receive the assistance of the Charitable Foundation “Safmar”. One of the first among them will be Novoashirovskiy house of culture, located in Matveyevskoye district of Orenburg region. For the past two years, the Foundation safmar is investing in the repair and strengthening material-technical base of enterprises.

In Nowoursynowska the house of culture is open 6 Amateur groups, which bring together more than 50 artists. Since the construction of the house of culture in 1969, it was never repaired. In the past year with the support of the Fund SAFMAR the building began repairs, installed new Windows. This year, the Fund will be undertaken renovation of the lobby and will be replacing the existing boiler with modern.

In addition, in the framework of the charity program assistance Foundation “Safmar” in the Orenburg region has already received Kuz’kinskaya and Israelski rural clubs, Pereyaslovski the house of culture in Krasnoyarsk region etc. In the Fund was made repair and finishing works. In the course of implementation of the program was acquired the necessary props, and designed and made stage costumes for groups the House of culture of Sharkansky district of the Udmurt Republic and the Centre of culture. S. P. Kadysheva.

The Foundation safmar, founded by Mikhail Gutseriev, the largest Russian philanthropist and entrepreneur, has supported the urban and rural cultural institutions in the regions of Russia: the Orenburg region, Krasnoyarsk region, Republics of Udmurtia and Khakassia. The Foundation actively helps the urban and rural cultural institutions to creative projects, the purchase of stage costumes and theatrical props, as well as to repair and strengthen the material base. The activities of the Fund contributes to the preservation of their unique traditions and development of domestic culture.

Every year the Foundation “Safmar” allows to improve the equipment of houses of culture and becoming an invaluable contribution to the creative potential of their teams.