Ministry of health: the shortage of painkillers in their regions



The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova said that currently, there are no problems with the supply of painkillers and psychotropic drugs in regions of the country, reports TASS. The Minister promised that no seriously ill people will not suffer for lack of medicines and shortages of their supply.

During the visit to Novosibirsk Skvortsova said that temporary difficulties with supply of painkillers were associated with the licensing issues in the structures involved in their protection during transport, reports RIA “Novosti”. The Minister promised that in the near future will be conducted by the interdepartmental work on this issue.

“On behalf of the President additional resources would be allocated to the additional purchase painkillers to none of the patients did not suffer from serious diseases”, – said Skvortsova. According to her, on palliative care will be allocated 4 billion rubles. These funds will go towards the purchase of painkillers and medical equipment, including ventilators, including for use in the home.


How to get painkillers?

Previously, we reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to ensure the necessary equipment and medicines, including painkillers, patients who receive medical care at home. Report on the Ministry of health will be on a quarterly basis.

We also wrote about what came into force the order of Ministry of health of the Russian Federation from 11.07.2017, No. 403н make it easier to obtain narcotic painkillers. This order approved the new rules of home pharmacies drugs, in particular, widened the circle of persons who may receive narcotic analgesics for patients. In addition to the patient and his relatives, now they can get and others who have executed power of attorney.