From Bryansk forests to Kamchatka: charity photo exhibition “one Hundred years of conservation” Igor Shpilenok opened in Moscow


Exclusive footage from the most ambitious photo expeditions in the history of reserves of Russia “a Hundred years of conservation” was first exhibited in Moscow in the Gum. The exhibition was the most comprehensive collection of works by photographer and naturalist Igor Shpilenok from a trip to 60 natural reserves and national parks of the country.

Charity Fund “Beautiful children in a beautiful world” and photographer Igor Shpilenok has opened in Moscow the photo exhibition “the protected one-Hundred years.” Specifically for this project Igor Shpilenok drove more than 60,000 km from the reserve “Bryansk forest” to Kamchatka and back and visited 60 nature reserves and national parks. The expedition visited the territory of 45 subjects of the Russian Federation, on the shores of the sea of Azov, Japanese, Bering, Okhotsk, and White seas, drove the East European plain, South and North Urals, the vast Siberia, Altai, Sayan, Baikal, Amur region, Primorye. The author overcame a nine time zones and a distance of half the circumference of the globe to capture and convey the beauty of Russian wild nature. The expedition dedicated to the centennial of the reserves of Russia.

The exposition opened in the heart of the capital trade house GUM on red square. The exhibition displayed 400 photographs, some of them are collected in photo stories dedicated to various aspects of nature conservation. Each picture – history of photographic good luck and endless dedication to the main topic – natural pictures.

Partners of the exhibition was the company “M. Video” and Pro-Lab Production.

“At first glance, the exhibition is not a project that can really solve environmental problems or the conservation of individual species, conservation of protected areas. But in fact the expedition of Igor Shpilenok, held with the support of the Charity Fund “Beautiful children in a beautiful world”, is absolutely unique. People living in big cities rarely think about how beautiful Russian nature. All works presented at the exhibition, solve the only task – to fall in love with everyone in our country, its natural wealth. And when you love someone, the need to preserve this untouched by man world, to protect, to help conservation projects become obvious,” – said the Director of the Fund “Beautiful children in a beautiful world” Victoria Sinitsyna.

“Today in Russia there are 105 state natural reserve, 51 national Park covering the protected land on the territory of the Curonian spit on the Baltic sea to the Bering Strait in the Pacific ocean. It’s about three percent of the country. The total area of all types of protected natural areas today occupies more than one-tenth of the area of Russia! The role of zapovedniks and national parks for biodiversity conservation, gene pool of plants and animals, development of ecological science and environmental education cannot be overemphasized. I am a photographer, first and foremost I am attracted to beauty, generously spilled in the pristine nature, which I strive to maintain in their personnel,” shared the photographer-naturalist, member of the International League of conservation photographers Igor Shpilenok.

The author was able to capture amazing photos telling about life of the Russian reserves. In the Caspian region Igor Shpilenko managed to capture of the nomadic saiga antelope, which in Russia is less than 4 thousand in the South Kamchatka Federal reserve – the intimate life bear families: each story reveal sequence, United in one common report. Most images not previously exhibited and presented to the General public for the first time.

The exhibition will run until 31 March 2018 in the GUM trading house, 1st floor, 3rd line. Admission is free.

Additional information:

Fund “Beautiful children in a beautiful world” established in 2013 and is implementing two charitable programs – “Beautiful children” and “Beautiful world.” The first priority is organizational and financial help in the treatment of children with problems in oral and maxillofacial region. Program “Beautiful world” directed on preservation of Russian nature. The Fund finances a variety of projects in nature reserves and national parks. For the past 5 years has implemented many projects aimed at the conservation of brown bears, Amur tigers, bison, Northern forest deer, white tailed eagles and endangered bats. The Foundation supports the restoration of unique broad-leaved forests, lake natural systems, promotes the anti-poaching and environmental education of the population.