Experts NGOs from the three regions will be trained in the field of social design


In the second half of March starts a training program for employees of non-profit organizations of childhood from the Tambov region, Smolensk region and Republic of Udmurtia on the theme: “evidence-based social design and evaluation of projects.” The training will be free and will take place on the funds of the Presidential grant.

The course aims to develop professional competences of experts of NGOs in the development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of social projects and programs. This trend is becoming more popular, due to the proliferation of project management and practices distribution of grants, both state and business. The project — experience of cooperation of the Fund “Culture of childhood” and the Moscow state University of psychology and education (msupe).

At the end of 2017, the organizers conducted research of the needs of employees of public organizations dealing with the theme of family and childhood, in the development of competences in social planning. The study involved over 400 participants from 54 regions of the Russian Federation. The data obtained allowed to see the picture of the priorities of learning design skills in the nonprofit sector, to develop a profile of professional competencies of a specialist in the field of social design, and on its basis to create a training program.

The training will start in March 2018 on the territory of three regions of Russia: Tambov, Smolensk region and Republic of Udmurtia. The program invited the leaders, coordinators, specialists, NCOs in the sphere of childhood, active in the field of prevention of social orphanhood, support of inmates of orphanages and adoptive families, educational and therapeutic programs for minors, support for children and families with children with disabilities, children and youth organizations and others.

Participation in the program is free, learn more about the program, teachers and register at the link:

The project “University school of evidence-based social planning for NGOs” implemented by the Charity Fund “Culture of childhood” with the support of the Moscow state University of psychology and education through a grant from the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society provided by the presidential grants.

For participation and further details contact by email