Ciao, Norilsk!


Festival of Italian culture kicks off in Norilsk. This is the first program of a new MVK project “Museum of Norilsk” called “Hello, Norilsk!”. Project-the opening of the big world project-familiarity with different cultures, project-greeting from friendly countries to our distant Northern city. Inspiring and creative city where people of different cultures, which discusses and the art is born. It is assumed that every year the guests of Norilsk will be different countries of the world. The project will start in anniversary year for the city and the guest of 2018 will be a bright, original country of ancient culture, outstanding cinematography, design and impeccable style, Italy.


The Museum of Norilsk together with the Italian Institute of culture in Moscow with the support of the city administration of Norilsk reveal a Festival of Italian culture in Norilsk “Ciao, Norilsk!”. The festival will be held from 10 to 14 March in the main building of the Museum of Norilsk (Lenin,14). The curator of the festival – Kirill Gavrilin, Professor of the Academy. Stroganov, the curator of the project Natalia fedyanina, Director of MBC’s “Museum of Norilsk”. In the events of the festival will be attended by special guest – Olga Strada, film critic, Director of the Italian Institute of culture in Moscow at the Embassy of Italy in Moscow.


Italian culture is famous for its highest achievements, which influence on the whole world. It is not only the classical art of the Renaissance and Baroque poetry of Dante, masterpieces of architecture, and cinema. Italy – cinematic power, recognised all over the world. Already from the 1950-ies by a famous Italian Directors and actors became best friends our country always was nominated and received prizes at the Moscow international film festival. Even in the era of the “Iron curtain,” Italian cinema has played an important role in connecting the Soviet Union with the world cultural space. The festival Norilsk will see the works of famous photographers and actors as well as young filmmakers from the program N. I. C. E., have a great cinematic tradition.


The festival kicks off on 10 March at 15.00 in the Museum with the Vernissage of two exhibitions. The photography exhibition Viva lItalia Angelo Frontoni from the collections of the prestigious National cinema Museum in Turin will present to Norilsk “Golden age” of Italian cinema and fashion in the images of Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Marcello Mastroianni and other stars of Italian cinema. His photographs were published in such Italian and international publications as Stern, Paris Match, the “Sunday Times”, “Vogue”, “Photo” and other. The exhibition presents 65 photographs taken in 1959 — 1994, by photographer Angelo Frontoni – one of the main heroes of the “Golden age” of Italian cinema, his witness, has preserved for us a time and I will establish his glory. Angelo Frontoni especially known for portraits: the lens stops on the faces of the actors, catches their eyes, the pictures convey the enchanting atmosphere of flirtation between the photographer and his model, which are at the same time. Not a little tension is felt in the shots, telling about the footage is black and white, nothing like the carefully drawn portraits.


The second author of the photo exhibition “Absence. Light memories” , a famous actress of the modern Italian cinema Chiara Caselli. International fame won for her role as carmella in the film Gus van Sant’s “My own private Idaho” (1991). Then starred in Costa-Gavras (“the Little Apocalypse”, 1992), Michelangelo Antonioni (“Beyond the clouds”, 1995), Dario Argento (“innocent Blood”, 2001), Liliana Cavani (“Ripley’s Game”, 2002) and other famous Directors. Thank the photographer came Chiara Caselli not so long ago. As a photographer, she had a number of solo exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale (2011) and at the Rome international Festival of photography.


The exhibition was a resounding success in Milan in 2017: all the photos were sold. For Norilsk made the author’s repetition. Source of inspiration has become one of the most famous novels of the modernist Irish writer James Joyce’s “Ulysses”. Molly bloom, the wife of main character Leopold bloom (Odysseus/Ulysses), which was not the repetition, but the antithesis of the Homeric Penelope. The last Chapter of “Ulysses” completely devoted to Molly, is the famous monologue of the heroine addressed to itself.

Will continue the Festival of Italian culture in Norilsk, the new Italian cinema of program N. I. C. E. the Audience will get acquainted with the newest achievements of Italian cinema in recent years. After viewing each film will be followed by a discussion with film critic Olga Strada.


Festival Ciao, Norilsk!” like the breath of the warm Mediterranean wind which brings in the Arctic spring, inspiration and beauty, a sense of belonging to the best phenomena of contemporary culture.


The organizers Express sincere appreciation to the Italian cultural Institute at the Italian Embassy in Moscow and personally from the Director of the Institute Mrs. Olga Strada, given to the Museum of Norilsk films and exhibitions. It is important to note the active role of the Institute in the development of cooperation, understanding and strengthen cultural ties between the peoples of Russia and Italy.


The exhibition will continue work till 22 APR 2018.