The project “5 steps of tolerance” in action: the youth team and social initiatives that will make this city better


Interactive lessons, learning and communication, thematic promotions and your social project, citizenship, leadership skills and legal literacy is the “Five steps to tolerance” for students and teachers.

In 2013, he invented and launched with partners the team of the tolerance Centre of the Jewish Museum, 2014 the project is implemented with the support of the public relations Committee of the Moscow city Government. All classes are free.

This year’s program to its previous status will be the last time. Moscow students have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, abilities and run their project under the guidance of experts of the Center, but the teachers have to study the technology of conducting classes, attending them with the groups separately and practicing on teaching seminars.

Several teams have already started your journey on the road of tolerance. In January and February the guys talked about leadership, intercultural relations, respect, and how they can make this world a kinder, country, city.
Together with their supervisors, they presented the final versions of their future social projects. At this stage the jury of the project “5 steps of tolerance” especially liked the three ideas.
The first invited the guys from the medical College No. 6. “Operation Mole” is creating a comfortable environment for the College students with disabilities impaired. Their support, meetings outside the classroom, informal communication in the club. “We must begin with ourselves” — I think the guys and therefore the project is expected to start in his school, and then if everything goes, then offer it to others.
The second idea of the project sounds like a proverb – “Error is the norm”. Offered her team the College of architecture and design No. 26. This is a motivational program where senior students will tell the freshmen that make mistakes it’s normal that it should not be the punishment that the important thing is the experience that you get while training. Here the main thing – is our own example, not only students but also teachers who have agreed to participate in the project guys.
Third place was taken by team of school No. 1494. Guys, based on the once successful project “Grandson”, I propose to establish in your area a social platform where you can ask any veteran, an elderly person who needs help, and there will also be a base of volunteers.

It is very important that at this stage the guys are not just products, but also learn how to start and promote. Here the study of motivation and the development of presentation skills, and familiarity with Russian crowdfunding platform.
Those teams that come on “5 steps of tolerance” by far the output can be called United and effective. So on the course “Team for the greater good” already, there are leaders – the College of Architecture, No. 26, College of sphere of services № 3, School 1498.

To join the project “Five steps of tolerance” is still possible until the end of March. The structure of the program resembles a ladder. The participants held degrees from several modules. Completely different formats — a game, a discussion of the film or the decision of the legislative case study help children to understand the technology of positive social initiatives.

In 4 years more than 15,000 students from 100 educational institutions of Moscow has organized more than 150 social events, spent 200 thematic actions at the place of study and developed about 100 social projects for the city.

Read more about all the modules, content and timetable can be found on the official website.
To enroll in the program and to schedule classes, please call 8 495 645 0550 (EXT. 220) or at You will Orient project Manager Elena Gorinova.

The project “5 steps of tolerance” implemented by the subsidies from the budget of Moscow received the results of the Committee’s public relations Contest for socially oriented non-profit organizations.