Film festival “Light” represented in the Federation Council


On 5 March, the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia Valentina Matvienko had a meeting with the women participating in the volunteer marathon, dedicated to the Year of volunteers in Russia. One of the invited participants of the platform was the President of the Association “Book of Friendship”, the Chairman of rboo “the Perm centre of development of volunteerism” Olga Zubkova.

The meeting was held on the eve of International women’s day to celebrate women, realizing the social initiatives in different parts of Russia. 5 projects received special recognition. Their authors spoke about their social projects, which day by day are changing our world for the better.

Olga Zubkova presented a unique and much needed project – the international film festival of socially oriented short films “LAMP”. As the author and producer of the Festival, Olga told why 4 years ago, she took up the implementation of the volunteer stories, share successes Kama initiatives at national and international level.

Speaking about the project, Olga Zubkov said: “the LAMP” generates a unique database of short films and videos about the new heroes – volunteers who do not complain and do not criticize, and see the problem and suggest a solution. Our Festival very quickly became popular in Russia and abroad. Last year, the organizing Committee of the “BULB” received 1,700 works from 68 countries. But it is not in numbers and scale of the project’s geography and that people from different cities and countries, after watching these movies, begin to better understand each other, see how many common social innovators, living in different parts of the world, inspired by what they are not alone in the desire to change the world for the better.”

The project “film Festival “LAMP” was awarded a diploma. Olga Zubkova has received the invitation to present a “LAMP” on the Second Eurasian women’s forum, which will take place on 20-21 September in Saint-Petersburg. The main theme of the forum was “Women for global security and sustainable development”.

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