In Skolkovo PBWM Club discussed the transformative investments


The participants of the Skolkovo Club of Private Banking & Wealth Management Club (Skolkovo PBWM Club) met on 1 March 2018 with businessman and philanthropist, founder of the charity Fund “Arithmetic good” Roman Avdeev, Chairman of the Board of the Foundation Naila Novozhilova. The discussion revolved around the themes of charity and philanthropy, impact investing — transforming investments.


“Roman Avdeev is not only a major philanthropist, founder of the charity Fund, but also the father of many children in the family who raised 23 children, and therefore the issues of upbringing cause his keen interest. For professionals interested in social impact investment, the discussion was an opportunity for example Fund activity “Arithmetic good” to discuss issues of a substantive nature, including positive social benefits from charitable activities,” — said the moderator of the meeting Roman Davydov, the founder of the Skolkovo PBWM Club.


Naila Novozhilova at the meeting told about the Fund, the challenges facing them, and also in General about the situation of orphans in Russia: “According to statistics, today in the orphanages of the country about 50 thousand children, of whom 75% were adolescents over 12 years. We, as a Foundation, we understand that we need to develop foster parenting. The child may fully develop and be brought up only in the family. Try the child to choose parents. In an average year, our Foundation helps family unit 50-70 children, and most of them are teenagers. It’s a painstaking process, our task is not only to eliminate secondary bounce, but that the child was comfortable that he developed successfully”.


The meeting also touched upon issues of social effect of the activities of philanthropic organizations. “Certainly, any activity, including charity, must be effective, — said Roman Avdeev. — From the outset, the Fund “Arithmetic good” was created including to interact with society. It is extremely important to educate society, and to interact with it. We can solve problems only involving more and more people. That is, on the one hand, we must defend the interests of families and children, on the other hand, we have to be exactly interesting to the society, and it should support philanthropy and to participate in it, it’s a two-way street”.


“The stigma of adoptive families and children a very important issue, — said Naila Novozhilov. – In the Club “the ABC foster family” our Foundation is constantly communicate of adoptive parents, but we will not replace the society. Observe that a large number of children in our foster care, about 1,000 families are homeschooled. Why is this happening? Because a foster child is somehow not behaving in school and the first reaction – the reaction of rejection. Children from children’s homes — trauma victims, complicated, but it does not mean that society should turn away from them”.


Guests of the Foundation noted that if the state at the macro level are already involved in issues of inclusion, at school level this process has not yet started, the mechanisms have not worked out. General conclusion: all of us, and foundations, and activists, and business have work to do in this direction.