Experience of charity from the company “EGIS”


Pharmaceutical company “EGIS” is not only one of the leading manufacturers of generic medicines in Central and Eastern Europe, but also a vivid example of how socially responsible business can solve the most pressing social problems. For many years, “EGIS” is the organizer and sponsor of educational programs for physicians and patients, and more recently – and even the initiator of the partnership and charitable projects and volunteer events.

For more than 65 years of experience in the Russian market “EGIS” has established itself as a manufacturer of safe and effective medicines. While maintaining the quality of manufactured drugs, the strategic goal of the company is to make them available to the widest layers of the population. In the EGIS are convinced that each sold package of drugs needs to benefit society. “As a company whose activities are closely linked to health and improving the quality of life of people, we are well aware of what problems the person can face, and what kind of support to him at this moment necessary. And often the most helpless in difficult situations are children”, – says the Manager on public relations “EGIS” in Russia Elena bershadskaya.

All this has created preconditions for the implementation of a number of social projects.

Charity event

The first all-Russian charity project “EGIS” in Russia aimed at helping orphan children, was implemented in 2015 together with corporate charity Foundation “Katren”. To date, the Fund is the operator of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation. And its founder – JSC NPK “Katrenin 2017 is considered the most influential pharmaceutical distributor in Russia, according to an independent survey of the views of the representatives of the medical and pharmaceutical industries, conducted by the Agency Battersea and the journal “Pharmaceutical Bulletin.” Good partnerships with the company Katren, as well as the reputation of the company “EGIS” and proven quality of its products contributed to raising funds for children who are under patronage of the Foundation.

A charitable campaign called “Buy for good” – the first experience of activities in support of children in difficult life situations. The 5 rubles each purchased by the Russian pharmacies packaging antihistamine Suprastine of the company “EGIS” was deducted in KBF “quatrain”. Thanks to the consolidated efforts of all participants of the program and transparent to the partners, the format of the company “EGIS” has transferred 200,000 rubles to the charity Fund for the diagnosis and treatment of orphaned children with allergies.

June 1, 2016, the Day of protection of children, “EGIS” and KBF Katren launched a new joint campaign of aid to orphanages “Buy for good”. This time the money to help the orphans gathered from sales of the product lines DPanthenol from the company “EGIS”. The General mechanics of the action remains the same, but now it can join not only pharmacies, but also the end users. Buying D-Panthenol on the website Pharmacy.y, the children were transferred 3% of the cost of medicines. Total forces during the campaign period (1 June to 31 July 2017) were sold 121 166 packages of the drug D-Panthenol “EGIS”. As a result, the amount of donations for orphans amounted to more than 600 000.

The next wave joint charity campaign “Buy for good” included not only the collection of money from sales of the EGIS, but also an important educational component that focuses on girls-orphans. In the framework of the campaign at 19 institutions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Odintsovo, Voronezh, Stavropol, Ufa, Yaroslavl, Chelyabinsk and the eagle held a meeting of gynecologists with girls of puberty age, is devoted to women’s health issues and personal hygiene. Experts talked about changes in the female body, typical of adolescence, about the importance and basic rules of intimate hygiene, and the need and ways to maintain the physiological level of Ph to prevent the development of gynecological diseases. During the meeting, the girls were able to ask doctors all the questions, and most importantly – some of the pupils got the opportunity to pass the examination in a Moscow clinic.

During the promotion period (from 16 October 2017 14 January 2018), the company “EGIS” was also reserved in favor of KBF Katren 5 rubles from each sold package of soap, gel or capsules Ugilec®. The proceeds (about 150 000) was aimed at improving the quality of life of children in orphanages.

“We adhere to the principle of “smart philanthropy” and firmly believe that socially responsible businesses should not only help with resources but also to share with those in need the most valuable – experience. Features and rules of intimate hygiene is one of those questions the answer to which is not to be sought alone. And if in families it is usually discussed between mom and daughter, pupils of orphanages should support specialists,” – noted the importance of the program Elena bershadskaya, Manager of public relations of the company “EGIS” in Russia.

“Buy for good” – bright, but not the only example of when “EGIS” and KBF Katren have combined their efforts for the achievement of socially significant goals. So, in 2015, the Foundation launched a charity campaign “Soon to school!”, the purpose of which was to help the orphanages to prepare for the coming of the new school year. The event took place in Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. The company “EGIS” was one of the first joined the project and helped to raise funds for supplies for children living in social rehabilitation center for minors “Teply Dom” (the Leningrad region).


 Volunteering in the “EGIS” is more than just a tool of corporate social responsibility. First of all, it is a reflection of the values that are held by the employees themselves. They are the masterminds behind the creation of corporate volunteerism within the organization. “We are all successful, healthy, full of energy people, we just have to help those who are deprived of this. We need to give” – sounds like words that all the employees appealed to the Director General of the company in Russia to Tamas Endrenyi. The initiative has found the response from the management. Soon was developed a model of corporate volunteer Association that allows any member of the team “EGIS” to realize yourself as a volunteer. In 2016, the last Tuesday of November, known in Russia as #Decrypting, the EGIS, it was announced volunteering Time to give (“Time to give”), aimed at supporting children without parental care. He also joined about 150 people from all over the country.

On the eve of the New year, volunteers of the company was held “charity Christmas tree” in the hospitals and orphanages of Moscow, the Moscow and Tver regions, Omsk and Kirov. Employees of the EGIS gave a memorable Christmas for the children of GBUZ MO “Psychiatric hospital No. 5” in Bronnitsy, Muryginskogo orphanage “Spring” Siberian interregional “Children’s Fund”. In all cases the money on gifts, sweets and the organization of festive performances were going solely by the corporate volunteer movement Time to give.

Aid pro bono

Aid pro bono (from Latin pro bono publico – “for the public good”) is another kind of volunteering, which is practiced by the employees of the EGIS. This is a free rendering of professional services to charitable, public and other non-profit organizations. To make a charitable Fund, a beautiful modern website to help the orphanage to organize a festive event for pupils, to advise volunteers on legal issues – all pro bono. The peculiarity of this type of philanthropy in that it does not require a large number of participants and, as a rule, does not collect serious money. Such projects may wish to implement any team member. One example is the participation of the Manager of business development Irina Khodovoi in a lecture for employees of the largest charity Fund “give Life”. Educational lecture held on 21 August 2017, was devoted to the financing of health care.

At the end of last year, the EGIS sent to charity of more than 2 million rubles. The company say they are ready to continue to invest in the development of social well-being. “First of all, we are focused on cooperation with various foundations and associations in the field of affiliate charity. This format allows you to accumulate far more resources and possibilities, thus providing assistance and support to the needy most effectively”, says Tamas Endrenyi, General Director of the company “EGIS” in Russia. A special pride of the Tamas Endrenyi experiences in connection with the origination of corporate volunteers Time to give. “In Russian society there is a kind of trend of volunteerism, and we are pleased that it finds enthusiastic support among our employees. Fortunately, “EGIS”, the enthusiasm of employees to participate in the volunteer movement inspires us to introduce new long-term projects in the field of philanthropy. The creation of the volunteer movement is a huge step in this direction, but we believe we have much to develop,” says Tamas Endrenyi.