PepsiCo announces the results of the accelerator PepsiCo LAB


PepsiCo has completed the acceleration program PepsiCo LAB for start-UPS, developing their projects in the field of food products and beverages (track Food LAB), and innovative IT-solutions for business (track Tech LAB). Over the past 24 months the team has been able to Refine and improve its products, technologies and solutions by working with experts, mentors and coaches PepsiCo LAB.


“A year ago we decided to start working with Russian entrepreneurs and to run a corporate accelerator PepsiCo LAB. This step was new not only for us but also for the market, but the decision was correct, says Dean Robson, VP, marketing communications, PepsiCo Russia, Ukraine and the CIS. The results that we see today, they say not only that our expertise, scale and capabilities to bring startups to a new level, but also on what we have learned from young, open to innovation startups. We are pleased to invest in the development of people and communities in Russia, because it is one of the principles of our approach to business “performance with purpose”.


Within the accelerator teams worked top managers and specialists from PepsiCo, as well as external experts. Individual consultations and lectures for the teams of both tracks, coaching and constant attention to detail from the PepsiCo – everything is allowed everyone involved in the acceleration of the startups go on stage as a paid pilot (Tech LAB) and a test-market (Food LAB):

  1. Geomatrix, an analytical solution in the field of geomarketing, Moscow

  2. Bafsy, omnichannel technology, mobile applications, Moscow, Russia

  3. Bonsoft, the calculation program schedules staff, Moscow

  4. Emply!, personnel scoring, Vladivostok

  5. E-Contenta, the technology of systematization and dissemination of content, Saint Petersburg

  6. Inspector Cloud, SaaS-platform for audit based on computer vision, Moscow

  7. Retail Intelligence, improving sales efficiency, using technologies of image recognition, Moscow

  8. Predictive Technologies, technologies of collecting, processing and analyzing data, Moscow

  9. Priceva, service monitoring competitors ‘ prices, Moscow

  10. StudyX, SaaS-service adaptive micro-learning for companies, Moscow

  11. Tagvisor tool for native selection of entertainment venues, Yekaterinburg

  12. Teeker, a cloud-based mobile gadgets, Moscow

  1. “Sea chips”, chips from kelp, Moscow

  2. “Parenky”, old Russian carrot treat, Yekaterinburg

  3. “Frutsi”, fruit chips with no sugar and additives, Saint Petersburg

  4. Babushka’s Ferma, traditional Russian drinks, Moscow

  5. Chimple, chips of natural cheese, Moscow

  6. YoGoo! Fit (Food Bureau), functional dairy products, Moscow

  7. Namia (Go Snack), useful candy made from dried fruits by Scandinavian recipe, Moscow

  8. GranoLife granola with freeze-dried fruit, Moscow

  9. Mealbot (“Live Easy!”), loose snacks out of the bottle: dried fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and cereals, Moscow

  10. MegaDay, refreshing marmalade, Moscow

  11. Octa, functional milk drink, a full meal in a bottle, Moscow

  12. City Soup (“Soup Street Culture”), drinking cold cream soups in the bottle, Saint-Petersburg

“We have completed the piloting of innovative it solutions and we are happy to note that ten of them successfully coped with the task and received additional compensation. At the moment we have already implemented one of these solutions and consider the possibility of industrial implementation of four – says Ilya Maltsev, the head of the project of the accelerator LAB PepsiCo. The results of food track is also pleasing: there are examples of reduced production costs up to 40% by optimizing procurement, production capacity growth, increase in shelf life due to the introduction of new technologies. Most teams have expanded the product line, many changed the packaging, the design, the modified model of distribution and promotion. Sure, all this will help in the further development of startups.”


PepsiCo announced the acceptance of applications in the corporate accelerator PepsiCo LAB in April 2017. For the opportunity to hit the accelerator fought more than 500 teams from 16 countries, including from Russia, CIS and far abroad. The results of the first correspondence stage, the company selected 24 startups to participate in the intramural program of the accelerator in Moscow, 12 on each track.


The main purpose of the accelerator is to create a mutually beneficial partnership between PepsiCo and startups in Russia, developing their projects in the field of food products and beverages (track Food LAB), and innovative IT-solutions (track Tech LAB) in the following areas: interaction with consumers and clients, data collection and analysis, human resource management, improving the efficiency of point-of-sale, automation of operational processes. PepsiCo LAB has become an excellent example of cooperation between the largest player in the market of food products and beverages in Russia and the business community.


In the direction of the technology (Tech LAB) the operator of the accelerator LAB, PepsiCo was the company GVA, in the direction of foods (Food LAB) – the company Mabius.