Interregional marathon to “reach the hearts” takes place in four regions of Russia


Continue the donation campaign of the first interregional marathon to “reach the hearts” in the regions of Russia. The marathon is held on the initiative of the National Fund of healthcare development and the coordination centre for blood donation at the Public chamber of the Russian Federation with the support of the presidential grants.

Regional stages of the marathon organized coordinators and organizing committees composed of representatives of public organizations and initiative groups, educational and cultural institutions, establishments of Service of blood.

In February of 2018 in donor days were attended by students of the Northern Arctic Federal University, Institute of mechanics and energy and Agricultural Institute. N. P. Ogareva (Republic of Mordovia); employees of the Severodvinsk ship repair centre “Zvezdochka”, the interior Ministry of the Republic of Mordovia, Irkutsk aviation plant. In the city shares took an active part inhabitants of the Krasnoslobodsky district of the Republic of Mordovia.

The coordinators of the regional stage of interregional marathon to “reach the hearts” actively engaged in educational work. In the Krasnoyarsk region in February carried out promotional activities to attract voluntary donors. In Saransk there was held a lesson of the school of volunteers for the organizers of the donor movement: high school students actively participate in the preparation and conduct donor activities inter-regional marathon.

– An interregional donor marathon “to touch the heart” in the Republic of Mordovia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk region for the past few months shows not only high activity of the inhabitants of these regions in the gratuitous donation of blood and its components, but also the body responsible regular donors, “Golden Fund” of the blood, – says Elena Stefanyuk, Director of the National Fund of healthcare development, Deputy head of the coordination centre for blood donation at the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. – Due to replication of best practice to engage in responsible regular remunerated donation of blood and blood components of new donors, organizers and volunteers donor movement regions learn from each other, use the new tools to work with donors and volunteers. Interregional donor marathon “to reach the hearts” is not only an effective opportunity to replenish regional blood banks, but also a creative laboratory, a platform for the exchange of experience between the regions of Russia.

Donor marathon “to touch the heart” will last in different regions of Russia up to September 30, 2018.

Events are held in the framework of the grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society provided by the presidential grants.