Bryn Mawr College Receives $25 Million for Various Initiatives


Bryn Mawr College Receives $25 Million for Various Initiatives

Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, has announced a $25 million gift from an anonymous donor to fund several initiatives, including international programming and the renovation of its Park Science Center. 

Part of the college’s $250 million Defy Expectation campaign, the gift is the largest in the school’s history and is believed to equal the largest gift ever from a woman to a women’s college. According to school officials, the renovation of the science center will create new and flexible teaching spaces, increase the number and quality of student study spaces and dramatically "open up" the building. In addition to the renovation project, the gift also will support a variety of multidisciplinary courses with a global focus, international internships and research, partnerships that offer students opportunities to study at leading programs around the world, and scholarships for international students.

"We are so grateful that this extraordinary donor has chosen to support the mission of the college with this remarkable gift," said Bryn Mawr president Kim Cassidy. "A longstanding champion of Bryn Mawr, she has always been willing to focus her giving on the college’s greatest needs."

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