In Irkutsk will fulfill the dreams of children with disabilities


В Иркутске исполнят мечты детей-инвалидов


Irkutsk regional public organization “Alternativa” launched the project “the Dream child”, in which organizers and volunteers will fulfill the cherished dreams of children with disabilities, the Agency for social information. Organizers are asked to send applications, which are something that brings positive emotions to a child with a disability.

“Alternative” helps families with children with disabilities. This idea gleaned from the experience of volunteers who have successfully brought it to life. Now the project will be implemented in Irkutsk.

The staff of “Alternatives” with the help of the Irkutsk volunteers have already implemented several of the cherished wishes of children with disabilities. Among these desires was to visit the “Water show” in the Irkutsk circus, flying in aerotrube, excursion in Irkutsk nerpinary and in an aircraft factory, a trip to lake Baikal, meeting with the KVN team “Raisa”. Once a month by lottery organizers will choose and fulfill the dream of a child with disabilities.

Soon on the website “Alternatives” will be placed cherished wishes of children with disabilities, in execution of which can take part all comers. The organizers hope that the project “the Dream child” will be long-term and its implementation will involve not only volunteers but also the people of the region, companies and organizations of Irkutsk region.

In order for the disabled child could participate in the project and was able to fulfill his cherished desire, it is necessary to send a request to email address specifying the age and diagnosis of the child’s phone parents or guardians, and also attaching a photo of the child. Organizers are asked to send applications, which ask not the material things, and referred to something that brings positive emotions for a disabled child.

Previously, we reported that the volunteers of the charity Fund “Believe in miracles” helped to fulfill the cherished dream of eight-year-old Vlad Eckermann suffering from osteosarcoma. The boy dreamed at least for a little up in the sky. His dream realized civilian pilot Viktor Bend, which is on his private plane Sessna showed Vladik Kaliningrad from a bird’s flight.