The jury “Lamp” will teach NCOs to make a movie about himself


Жюри Кинофестиваля «Лампа» научат НКО снимать кино про себя

In the regions of Russia continues a series of educational workshops from experts and members of jury of the International film festival “LAMP”! Workshops will be held in the framework of the project “LAMP – bright heroes of volunteerism”.

The first educational platform will be organised on 13 February in the city of Vladikavkaz in the framework of the meeting of the volunteers of the North Caucasus Federal district “the Good will of the Caucasus”. Speakers of the venues will be the members of the jury of the “LAMP” – Russian film and theater actor, Director and public figure Anton Bogdanov, managing partner at AlphaOmega, journalist Matvey Masaltsev and Manager of the Festival, the head of social projects of NARO, “the Book of Friendship” Denis Hetman.

In 2017, the film is Anton Bogdanov “Dan” was the winner of the Festival “LAMP” in the nomination “Documentary film”. The actor and Director will share the secrets of creating a social movie with the participants of the master class.

In addition, the audience of workshops will learn how to correctly write the actual script for a vibrant social advertising. This will tell Matvey Masaltsev.

Master classes from the jury members of the International film festival “LAMP” will improve the quality of social advertising in Vladikavkaz, will be a motivational platform for NGOs and volunteers in the region.

In the near future similar workshops from the experts and jury members of Festival “LAMP” will be held in other regions of Russia.

Organizers :National Association for the advancement of education “the Book of Friendship”.

Of project organization used the grant of the President of the Russian Federation on development of civil society provided by the presidential grants.

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