In the state Duma proposed to increase the allowance for children with disabilities up to 12 thousand rubles


В Госдуме предложили повысить пособие по уходу за детьми-инвалидами до 12 тыс. рублей


In the state Duma introduced a bill providing for an increase in monthly payments for the care of children with disabilities to 12 thousand rubles. In addition, the draft law also proposes to annually index this particular payout.

As stated in the explanatory note to the document, a monthly payment to parents (adoptive parents) or guardians (caregivers) caring for children with disabilities, established January 1, 2013. At the time this payment amounted to 5.5 thousand rubles. The size of the payments since then have not been increased since the decree of 26 February 2013, No. 175 indexation is not provided.

The authors of the bill note that to ensure the proper care, rehabilitation and education of disabled children one parent is often forced to constantly be around him, not being able to work.

“According to sociological studies, the duration of daily care for children with disabilities is to mothers to 10 or more hours a day, – stated in the explanatory note to the bill. – Thus the care of one parent for a disabled child or disabled since childhood I group is actually equal to the work performed and in the amount equivalent to the average duration of the working day. You should also consider that in a family with a disabled child there are special problems associated with the need to provide more complex care for a child, purchase of special equipment, vehicles, food, clothing, shoes, provision of additional medical procedures.”

Given the above, the deputies of the state Duma from the LDPR faction proposed to increase the monthly payment for the care of children with disabilities to 12 thousand rubles. In their opinion, this amount is comparable to the predicted minimum level of wages in Russia, as of may 1, 2018 the minimum wage will be 11 193 thousand rubles.

In addition, the draft law provides for the annual indexation of care benefits for children with disabilities. Indexing will be performed in the same order in which indexed monthly payments, provided to certain categories of citizens.

Previously, we reported that on the website was a petition, in which parents of disabled children asked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to equate payments to care for the disabled the minimum wage. Svetlana Shtarkova, the author of the petition, writes that the parents of children with disabilities, receiving benefits 5500 rubles, in fact, become “dependents” of their children with disabilities and live on their pension. At the moment, the petition has collected almost 200 thousand signatures.

We also wrote about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the minimum wage (SMIC) will be increased to 100% of the subsistence minimum on 1 may 2018. “We have the opportunity from may 1 this year to equalize the minimum wage and a living wage, we’ll do it,” – said Putin. He also stressed that the minimum wage will be constantly indexed and will not fall below the subsistence level.