In the network launched a flash mob with a call to increase allowance for children with disabilities


В сети запущен флешмоб с призывом повысить пособие по уходу за детьми-инвалидами


Svetlana Shtarkova, the mother of a disabled child and the author of the petition site in which she asks to equate the payment for the care of children with disabilities to the minimum wage, launched a network of a flash mob #podnimaetsya to achieve your goal. She believes that the mob – a simple and effective method that works is better than a thousand words.

Ivan, the son of Svetlana, 11 years old, he has cerebral palsy (spastic tetraparesis), why he can’t walk, stand, sit, speak, feed themselves and to drink, to go to the toilet. Ivan needs constant care and Svetlana forced 24 hours a day to care for my son. Her husband works 7 days a week to provide for his family, which has two more children. While she receives an allowance for child care in the amount of 5.5 thousand rubles, like many other parents of children with disabilities.

As we reported earlier, Svetlana Starkova posted on the website a petition addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, state Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin and the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. This petition asks Svetlana Starkova to equate payments to care for the disabled and the minimum wage (SMIC). At the moment, the petition has collected more than 190 thousand signatures.

Despite the fact that the petition was signed by more than 190 thousand people, the official response was not forthcoming. “Before the presidential elections remained little more than a month, but no specific response on our petition, and no – one replies, – says Svetlana, – and that means it’s time for active and non-action!»

“I propose a simple, but effektivni network flash mob, wrote Svetlana Starkova on its own initiative. – All large flash mobs recently attracted a huge attention of media and authorities, the authors were immediately heard, and the problems found a solution. But personal stories work better than thousands of ordinary words! If we all, all 190 000 signatories to this petition, stand together – we will notice!»

In order to participate in the flashmob, you need to place the accounts in social networks and blogs your photo with the words “Please raise your allowance persons caring for a disabled” and the hashtag #podnimaetsya. Those who are themselves LOW (carers), in the description of the photo can briefly write about themselves and their child.

We have previously reported that in the state Duma a bill, which will increase the monthly payments for the care of children with disabilities to 12 thousand rubles. In addition, the draft law also proposes to annually index this particular payout.

We also wrote about that on the website was a petition, in which parents of disabled children are asked to equate payments to care for the disabled the minimum wage. Svetlana Shtarkova, the author of the petition, writes that the parents of children with disabilities, receiving benefits 5500 rubles, in fact, become “dependents” of their children with disabilities and live on their pension.