“We intrude into divine things.” In Ufa the scientist urged to abandon the care of premature infants


Chair of the Department of psychiatry, Bashkir state medical University Vladimir Yuldashev said that the nursing of premature infants is the invasion of divine things, according to ProUfu.ru. According to him, it spent huge amounts of money, although many children have difficulty adapting and become disabled. He later said he was misunderstood and the quote was “taken out of context”.

Vladimir Yuldashev took part in the meeting of the Council on science under the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan, which addressed issues of scientific support for health development. He acted as a co-Rapporteur in the consideration of the question of the activities of the psychological service.

“We intrude into divine things. We, with our technology, now cherished babies weighing 500-600 grams, we applaud colleagues. But look at the reverse side. Our pediatric offices are filled with children with autism, developmental delays. Huge funds are spent on these children, who struggle to adapt, and many are disabled. What are you doing in Western countries? They sometimes cut off the instrument of respiration, as I understand, that condemn families with children weighing 500 grams,” said Yuldashev in his speech, “we of psevdogumanizma…»

After these words, he was interrupted by the head of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov: “Mr Leibovich, let’s continue without cameras. Now we would say, here is our media. On this open part of the meeting complete, complex, ambiguous. And now thrown into the society your statement and then we will get a mixed reaction. In some ways I probably agree with you. Then I will give you the numbers…»

On this stream from the courtroom was interrupted, and the audience of journalists asked to leave.

Later Vladimir Yuldashev said that he did not call to refuse medical care to infants, just do not understand, and the quote was “taken out of context”. “I gave the example that in the West young children who were born with “bad weight”, sometimes shut off from the apparatus. But in the next I said we do not do that, we have a humane attitude to medicine and we doctors are trying to nurse and was subsequently the proposed system, we said that we need to help both children and their parents,” he explained in an interview with “Fifth channel”. Vladimir Yuldashev also said that his statement was supported by the head RB Rustem Khamitov.

Previously, we reported that the son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky and state Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Igor Lebedev wrote on Twitter that disabled children should not be born because it’s “torture, not life.” Lebedev later apologized to the mother of a disabled girl and invited her to become an expert of the Duma.

We also wrote about the fact that in the Volgograd region, a scandal erupted after one of the Professor in Volgograd universities and used for children with down syndrome the terms “mentally retarded”, “defective”, “unteachable”. In addition, the scientist accused of children with disabilities is that they take funding from ordinary kids.