“The pink ribbon in your city”: starts a new wave of action


New season charity campaign of Avon for early detection of breast cancer (BC) “Pink ribbon in your city”, which is supported by the Ministry of health of Russia together with the Foundation of cancer prevention and SMRC Oncology. N. N. Petrov started in October 2017 Saransk, Khabarovsk and will last until April 2018 in the Tver and Krasnodar. In each city, will run for 4 point inspection, where highly skilled mammalogy will consult women and will conduct a comprehensive examination.


In season 2017-2018 first city in the framework of the baton “Pink ribbon” has become Saransk, where the event was held from October 30 to November 2. These days could absolutely go through the free breast screening, including mammography study according to the testimony, and consult a highly qualified mammologists.



Experts are not tired to remind: early detection of breast cancer gives the best chance of his recovery. At the end of each action “the Pink ribbon in your city” that Avon sells in 2013, it is possible to survey up to 2,000 women, with an average of 12-15 patients revealed a suspicion of breast cancer. During the operation of this relay health were examined more than 40,000 women in 20 cities of Russia. About 2% of them were referred for further follow-up in cancer treatment centers.


“Pink ribbon” today is a whole complex of preventive and outreach activities, including public lectures with participation of doctors, government officials and the media. The event is held in the framework of the international charitable program Avon “Together against breast cancer”, which this year celebrates 25 years of work in the world and 15 years in Russia. Only this time about 75 000 women underwent free examination by a mammologist, more than 15 million women have received reliable information about breast cancer.


Dates of events in other cities will be known shortly before they start. Stay tuned: www.avon-protivraka.ru. You must have a passport and medical insurance. If possible, also bring the conclusion of previous studies of the breast.


International Charitable program Avon “Together against breast cancer” was founded in England in 1992, and today covers more than 55 countries. Russia joined the program in 2002. During this time, about 75 000 women underwent free examination by a mammologist, more than 15 million women received information about breast cancer from our publications in the press and brochures with information about the disease and methods of examination.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. We believe that this knowledge can prevent a tragedy. And yet still too many women have no idea what to look for and what to do when it comes to breast health. We can change this. Communicating with women is the basis and heart of our business. Avon unites millions of women around the world. Every day we remind them, their friends and relatives about how important it is to pay attention to breast health. www.avon-protivraka.ru