The Fund of social initiatives “Energy” company “Sakhalin energy” celebrates its 15th anniversary


Фонд социальных инициатив «Энергия» компании «Сахалин Энерджи» отмечает свое 15-летие

Going down the stairs in a hall for receptions, you find yourself in a special universe with its own galaxies, constellations, planets and solar systems. For a holiday decoration star chosen direction. Because gathered here are the real stars important and interesting Affairs – Sakhalin, who are willing to spend the time and effort to the implementation of various initiatives.

Фонд социальных инициатив «Энергия» компании «Сахалин Энерджи» отмечает свое 15-летие The number of free rolls. Stargazers in a girl’s registrars, try-hard, no joke count all the stars that appeared today at the festival. If to collect all grantees of the Fund, it would have to rent a stadium, during the existence of the program supported over 550 projects from 64 settlements of Sakhalin island, the number of participants, no one counted.


Who else could be a guide to the star country in addition to the Little Prince, the fairy tale character opened the ceremony.


First category – projects-record. Thirteen projects implemented in Sakhalin art Museum with the support of the Foundation, nine youth from search Association “Frontier” and Nogliki district libraries. Closes the three leaders of the Sakhalin regional Museum and the oldest beneficiary of the Fund, the school of the village of starodubskoe. Thanks to the project, its participants managed to save a grove of relict trees.


The next category – the best projects of 2017. The winners – public organization club “boomerang” with two projects “Sakhalin: People. Sea” and “adventure racing”. Latest partners. It was implemented in collaboration with the regional Federation of sports tourism and mountaineering and Sakhalin search and rescue detachment. V. A. Polyakov EMERCOM of Russia. According to the organizers is a good example of promoting the development of children and, most importantly, safe tourism.


Фонд социальных инициатив «Энергия» компании «Сахалин Энерджи» отмечает свое 15-летие Specialists and volunteers of the Central house of culture of the city of Kholmsk, sharing the opinion of Antoine de Saint-Exupery about the luxury of human communication, I decided to start small – to meet and befriend the inhabitants of a courtyard. Their project “My yard is blooming and welcoming” managed to overcome the wall of alienation and mistrust between neighbors.


Knight’s move on the path to success in school was made by the staff of the kindergarten “Teremok” from the city of Kholmsk. Now, in the attics live the kings, Queens, elephants, rooks, horses and pawns. While children successfully master the principles of the Sicilian defense.


Guide to Nogliki, far off in another better project. Employees of the district libraries, “passed” on a tourist, historical and ethnographic roads of one of the oldest settlements of Sakhalin, developing itineraries, and preparing guides. Viktor Petrov, head of bibliographic Department, one of the authors of the project recalls: “When I was in school, I practically knew nothing about the place where you live. About this benefits of the training really was not”. Now have. And this “plus” can be added to the piggy Bank Fund “Energy”.


The alarm sounds to the final part of the ceremony. On the stage of the winning projects in the category of mega success. Anna Lygina, leading specialist of the division for social activities of the company “Sakhalin energy” says that there are several initiatives that came to the Federal level. “Our projects are from a distant island received awards at Federal competitions or funding of presidential grants. You can imagine, because there the competition is huge,” she says passionately.

A statue featuring star, a memorable address and the gift received by the club “boomerang”. The development of the project “Sakhalin: People. Sea” — the first Russian experience of creating groups of volunteers to rescue marine mammals, supported by the presidential grants. According to the head of the club Valentina Mezentseva, Fund Energy helps to implement even the most incredible, at first glance, projects. “Our dreams have become more bold,” she adds.


Another social organization came to a pool of winners of the Fund “the Native land” from Nogliki. And the winner of the international project “Ecological culture. Peace and harmony”, established by non-governmental ecological Fund named after V. I. Vernadsky University together with the international environmental public organization “Greenlight” and the interregional organization “Greenlit” was the project “Ecological fairy tale” of the school №1 of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.


The program “Little Chitayka” head librarian of Sakhalin regional children’s library Irina Samoilova took second place at the II all-Russian contest of author’s programs for introducing children to reading.


Central city library named. O. P. Kuznetsov and Nogliki district library received the Diploma of I degree at the II Interregional contest of electronic local history publications of the library “North format DVD 2014” for the audiobook Vladimir Sangi “Kucyk: Girl-Swan: a tale”.

In a universe created by the members of Fund “Energy” has its own astrologer. I may be wrong, but I think for all using only one prediction: the heavens you are predicting to submit your project to the Fund of social initiatives “Energy” and you will definitely be the winner in a new grant competition in 2018. So, life around us will be a little better. “One sees clearly only with the heart, said the Little Prince his new friend the Fox. — The main thing is not see.” Let’s watch heart.