The right to visit patients in the intensive care unit offer to fix the Federal law


In the state Duma a bill which proposes to oblige medical institutions to provide an opportunity for families and friends to visit patients who are in the intensive care unit and intensive care. Under current law, such a possibility is now there, but in many cases relatives refuse to indulge in intensive care, as the law does not stipulate that physicians are obliged to provide such access.

Currently, the possibility of visiting patients and sharing with them in the departments of reanimation and intensive therapy provided by PP. 6 paragraph 1, article 6 of the Federal law “About bases of health protection”. In addition, in may 20017, the Ministry of health released the information-methodological letter “On the rules of visits of relatives of patients in intensive care units and critical care (intensive care)”. While current legislation does not contain direct references to the obligation of physicians to provide such access.

“The draft Federal law proposes to provide the opportunity for visiting parents, other family members, legal representatives of the patient during the provision of inpatient care in a medical institution in the Department of resuscitation and intensive care”, – stated in the explanatory note to the document.


Access for relatives in ICU: what to do if you are not allowed to see the child?

As the authors of the bill, in most countries the relatives can be with patients in intensive care units and intensive therapy, observing certain rules. In Russia such a possibility is far not in all medical institutions. For example, in the Primorsky region access patients achieved only in 10 of 27 children’s resuscitation departments and intensive therapy.

We will remind, about what to do if a loved one is in intensive care, especially for DISLIFE said Dr. Alexei Kashcheev. According to him, the Federal law № 323 “On the fundamentals of health protection in the Russian Federation” is quite contradictory. It ensures free entrance to all patients, their relatives and legal representatives, but it is categorically required to comply with the requirements established by the internal regulations of the clinic.

“If you feel that your right to communicate with a relative in the ICU is broken, to interfere on this occasion, with the guards, nurses, nurses or doctors on duty, tend to be useless and even harmful. To resolve conflict situations it is more expedient to contact the head office or the clinic administration” – recommends Alexey Kashcheev.