In Tomsk, opened the city’s first Playground for disabled


В Томске открылась первая в городе спортплощадка для инвалидов


On Friday, January 12 took place a solemn opening of the first in Tomsk inclusive Playground that is fully adapted for people with disabilities, according to the portal “Tomsk”. During the year, the city plans to open three more similar sites.

On the Playground there are two training complex, one of which is specifically designed for the rehabilitation of people with lesions of the musculoskeletal system. The platform is equipped with races for wheelchairs, between the simulators enough space to where they could deploy the wheelchair. On the Playground, installed a transparent roof that allows you to engage in the gym at any time of the year and in any weather.

First practice on the new athletic field was held by the champion of Russia in athletics among people with sci Oleg Sarapa. “I’m sure the guys will visit it for his interest, well-being and development, he said. – Yes, of course, in winter it is not very convenient, but most importantly, the opportunity is there. And to this day, in Tomsk was not. If we are going to do here, there will be several venues in the city.”

“This is a very important event because we never had anything like it. This is the beginning so that people with disabilities have an incentive to take up sports and not sitting at home. – said one of the participants in the creation of an inclusive complex of Nikolay Muravyov. And one of the important points that they are suitable for everyone. And then you can all engage in a shared circle, uniting and dividing line between people with and without disabilities”.

An inclusive Playground is near the school of Olympic reserve address: Karl Marx street, 50. For 2018 in Tomsk plan to install another three the same platform.