In the Sverdlovsk region died from cancer woman doctors treated from osteoarthritis


A resident of the city, which the local doctors unsuccessfully treated for degenerative disc disease, died from breast cancer, reported online edition of “”. At the regional hospital she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage IV with multiple metastases. Doctors in Yekaterinburg are unable to do anything because the disease was already in a very advanced stage.

In the early autumn of 2017 Eugene found the lump in my left breast, and later there was pain. In October, the pain became so strong that the woman could not even walk. Then she decided to go to the doctors in a local hospital.

As told by cousin Eugenia Olesya Zheltova, nobody could say anything definite. Eugenia did a CT scan, conducted numerous tests, and then was hospitalized in the therapeutic Department. A lump in her breast the doctors decided that the consequence of breastfeeding and pain in the chest and spine associated with low back pain.


How to get painkillers?

No treatment gave no results, the pain became intolerable, Eugene abruptly lost. The woman from the pain without tears couldn’t do a few steps. Then she decided to go to the Oncology Department of city hospital. There did an ultrasound, x-rays, a CT scan, but found nothing.

“Then I walk to the branch and ask – you will long torment? If you don’t want to treat her, give up and give direction in Ekaterinburg,” – says Olesya Zheltova. In Ekaterinburg under the diagnosis was made without any analysis: cancer the fourth stage. Tomography confirmed the diagnosis: breast cancer stage IV with multiple liver metastases and bone.

Form of cancer has been so neglected that the tumor was already inoperable. Chemotherapy doctors also did not dare, because the woman was weakened and her body simply could not stand such a load. Eugenia was prescribed painkillers, but refused to give out them for free since she had the help of the determination of disability. 12 January 2018 Evgeny Popov died.

The Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region promised to investigate and to understand the Krasnotur competence of doctors. On the death of Evgenia Popova is also reviewing the investigative Department of SK in Krasnoturinsk. The investigators have to find out how were timely diagnosis and treatment and in full was given medical assistance.

We have previously reported that in Chelyabinsk region, cancer patients committed suicide due to the lack of anesthesia. The patient is a hospital in Ozersk, who suffers from cancer, has hung himself, unable to bear the excruciating pain. He regularly received painkillers, but at the weekends he for some reason did not injected.

We also wrote about the fact that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference admitted that the optimization of medical institutions has led to the emergence of problems with health care in some localities. He promised to improve health financing and increase the budget for the purchase of medicines, including painkillers.