We invite you to a free training on first aid and basic resuscitation


Come to the training “the Algorithm of first aid and basic resuscitation” on January 16 at the center Blagosfera (M. Dinamo, 1st Botkinsky PR-d, 7с1).

Knowledge and skills needed in this area to everyone. Your proper behavior can save someones life, including your loved ones and even their own.

Приглашаем на бесплатный тренинг по первой помощи и базовой реанимации

We’ll talk about situations where our intervention is required before the arrival of the ambulance and that active steps are not needed. Examine some of the stereotypes associated with first aid. In the end, will work out a CPR on the simulator. The training will be a lifeguard, teacher, St. Petersburg, Vitaly Kuznetsov.

The event will be held in support of the development of sledge hockey for disabled children. Participation is free, check the link: https://pravoslavie-i-mir.timepad.ru/event/640759/