“The Christmas caravan Coca-Cola” made a journey through Russia


«Рождественский караван Coca-Cola» завершил путешествие  по России

“The Christmas caravan Coca-Cola” has completed its route. In the period from 10 December 2017-5 January 2018 recognizable red trucks called for 69 settlements of our country and made 183 stay in social institutions and urban trees. The project aims to support children and adolescents in difficult life situations. This year, with the assistance of 80 non-profit organizations more than 2,000 volunteers visited 12 000 children from orphanages, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.


«Рождественский караван Coca-Cola» завершил путешествие  по России

The start of the “Christmas caravan” was given at Petroff Palace in Moscow on 10 December 2017. After this charity event 30 Christmas trucks Coca-Cola went on a trip with a total length of about 37,000 km. Geography of the “Christmas caravan” — from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok. Events were held in the Central part of Russia, in the North-Western regions, in the warm South of Russia, on the snowy Urals, Siberia and the Far East. “The Christmas caravan” in Russia – a record for the length of the route and the geographical coverage among the many countries that implement this initiative on corporate volunteering.


«Рождественский караван Coca-Cola» завершил путешествие  по России The project “Christmas caravan Coca-Cola” is carried out in cooperation with non-profit organizations and charities, which each year help the Coca-Cola system in Russia with the formation of the route and pass on their knowledge and experience in the field of conscious volunteering. During the town stops the volunteers and partners in Christmas costumes give the residents a festive mood, arrange competitions and quizzes for children. Arriving in orphanages, rehabilitation centers and hospitals, employees for children activities aimed at assistance in social adaptation. During charity concerts, vocational classes and workshops children and Teens develop communication skills with strangers and prepare for a future independent life. This year for the first time in 17 years of the “Christmas caravan” in Russia, in concerts with his own creative room took part and the children’s social institutions, demonstrating their potential.


The final chord of the “Christmas caravan” were visiting Kostroma and Yaroslavl on 5 January 2018.


«Рождественский караван Coca-Cola» завершил путешествие  по России Director of external relations and communications at Coca-Cola HBC Russia Irina Arkhipova said: “In our company a special relationship to the “Christmas caravan.” It is not only the most ambitious social project of the Coca-Cola system in Russia but a very beautiful story about how Christmas advertising campaign has evolved into a significant social initiative under the slogan “For everyone who waits for the miracle!”. Signature red trucks Coca-Cola have become a real symbol of the New year for the residents of many Russian cities. Of course, to undertake such a project is possible only together. Thousands of people inside and outside the company respond and offer their help in organizing charity events for children in the framework of the “Christmas caravan.” Sincere enthusiasm and desire to bring joy are the driving force of the project. Due to the large number of caring people, especially our partners from NGOs and employees of the Coca-Cola system in Russia, we have 17 years are able to create small miracles for children and adolescents in difficult life situations”.