Onf activists in Tatarstan painted the walls of the Kazan school for the disabled


Активисты ОНФ в Татарстане раскрасили стены казанской школы для инвалидов

The activists of the popular front in Tatarstan has transformed the walls of the Kazan school No. 61 for children with disabilities. As graphic design students chose a combination of various musical instruments. The action was attended by activists of the popular front, representatives of the Union of volunteers and students of the Department of innovative design of the Kazan University (CVU).

Public invited to paint the walls of the institution, the school management agreed with pleasure. The figure is a composition of musical instruments – violin, saxophone and other wind instruments and keys, twisted into a spiral. Tool “fly” drawn music notes and treble clef. The picture is decorated with images of columns, patterns and colored squares.

According to a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front Andrei Medvedev, the community is not just caused this image on the wall, but have designed the layout, coordinated the picture with the management of the institution. “We hope that the image will inspire students to develop their creative potential, and a daily neighborhood with musical instruments will form the guys have an interest in art,” – said Medvedev.

“For our guys it was a real practice of their future profession, and the children received the updated wall” – said Medvedev. Public men completed the task in two days: approval, execution of the figure in the chart with a pencil, applying acrylic paints on the wall. As pupils, teaching staff, and the management companies they were satisfied with the result.

We will remind, earlier activists of the popular front painted corridor in the children’s home of Privolzhsky area of Kazan, by depicting on the walls of the fairy world with balloons and cozy little houses.