“Junior front” held in Ruzaevskogo and Bolshebereznikovskiy the areas of Mordovia new year events


«Молодежка ОНФ» провела в Рузаевском и Большеберезниковском районах Мордовии новогодние мероприятия

In the all-Russian action “new year miracle” team representatives “Junior front” of the regional branch of the Russian popular front in the Republic of Mordovia held a number of events in Bolshebereznikovskiy and the Ruzaevsky municipal district.

Activists have prepared a festive program for children Ruzaevskogo on hospitals, rehabilitation center “Sun”. Representatives of the “Youth front” also visited in Bolshebereznikovskiy the child’s Home, where living and raising kids from birth to 4 years.

Grandfather frost and snow maiden congratulated the more than 30 children with disabilities and presented them with sweet gifts. The kids did not leave guests unattended, and showed remarkable Christmas party.

“Judging by the smiles, the happiness and the magic “thank you” to the children left a good impression. This means that our efforts were not in vain,” commented a member of the regional headquarters of the popular front in the Republic of Mordovia Vitaly Carpunky.

Earlier the all-Russian action “new year miracle” activists of the regional branch of the onf held in Saransk boarding home for the elderly and disabled. The community members together with educators and pupils of the Republican social shelter for children and teenagers “Nadezhda” prepared for the elderly, a festive concert and presented them with the main attributes of the New year – beautiful Christmas tree out of felt, which they did with their hands.