For the capital of the organizers of donor movement opens training center


Для столичных организаторов донорского движения открывается учебно-методический центр

In February of 2018 begins work training center at the Moscow resource center at the blood donation – educational platform for the organizers and volunteers of the donor movement of the capital. The center will be methodical laboratory of donor movement, providing both educational modules and turnkey solutions development and practice of voluntary blood donation and its components and social volunteerism.

Organizer training center of national public health development Fund with the support of the public relations Committee of Moscow. The purpose of the work of the academic center professionalization of volunteerism to improve the effectiveness of their participation in donor movement and replenishment of the blood Bank of Moscow.

Training programme the training center is built from three modules: the “theoretician of the movement of the donor”, “donor Practices of the movement”, “Motivators of a healthy lifestyle. Family tree of health”. Training sessions – interactive – offline and online lectures, webinars, practical workshops, master classes, strategy sessions, trainings, – says Elena Stefanyuk, Director of the National Fund of healthcare development, Deputy head of the coordination centre for blood donation at the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. The knowledge and skills of the organizers of the donor movement will be able to apply when organizing and conducting donor stock, including the series of educational events for school students “I talk about the donation”, the donor of the III Moscow marathon to “reach the hearts”, competition of family work, “Family tree of health”.

The participants of the educational cycle educational-methodical center on the results of the tests will receive certificates of successful completion of the course.

Events are held in the framework of the project “Moscow resource center blood donation platform for the development of voluntary activity”, implemented by the National Foundation for development of health outcome the public relations Committee of Moscow city competition of socially oriented non-profit organizations.