In Murmansk region the drivers of the ambulance are forced to refuel at their own expense


Ambulance drivers in the Pechenga district are forced to pay for gasoline out of pocket, according to the “Severest”. In Pechenga CRB ran out of money and fuel for vehicles no means.

The ambulance drivers said that the maps on which they usually pay for petrol, no money. “Financing by the end of the year has come to an end. It turns out, at the gas fuel to date, no. Mechanics refuel the car at his own expense”, – told the staff of “ambulance”.

“Today, I as usual went to change, took directions and went to the gas station. But the gas station operator told me that the card that made the driver “fast” enough. The mechanic came and settled on his own map,” says one of the drivers.

The employees of the Pechengsky CRB also complain about the violation of labor laws in the hospital: “implementation of legislation is not regulated. We have our own, small country, what they want, and what they are doing. Labour law gross violations exist.” According to them, the hospital staff is not allowed to get acquainted with the schedule shifts, bring information on the orders retroactively, are not informed about changes in the employment contract.

Previously, we reported that the inhabitant of the village Katerli Kolosovsky district of Omsk region was not something to take to the hospital. At a local hospital-no doctors, no medicines, no transport. The paramedic demanded money that the patient required urgent hospitalization, to deliver to the district hospital.

We also wrote about the fact that the Ministry of health will develop a list of questions that the dispatcher must ask the person calling for an ambulance. This list will be the same for all regions of the Russian Federation. This initiative came after the resonant case with the famous Russian actor Vladimir Marjanovi, which refused to go “fast” and he was obliged to go to the hospital, where he later died.