In Moscow families with children with disabilities write off a third of the cost purchased by the city housing


Large families and families in which children with disabilities will receive a one-time discount on the state program “Housing”: they will write off 30% of the cost of the acquired dwelling, owned by the city. The corresponding decree № 1034-PP dated 19.12.2017 published on the official portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

The Department of urban property of Moscow will provide these families benefits if they are accepted on the account as needing improvement of living conditions. In the Moscow government resolution No. 1034-PP dated 19.12.2017 stipulated several mechanisms for support in improvement of housing conditions for such families.

Upon acquisition of residential premises from housing to families at the time of signing by the parties of the contract of purchase and sale, including with the use of borrowed (credit) funds, will be charged 30% of the purchase price of the dwelling determined at the time of conclusion of the contract of sale.


As a person with a disability to receive benefits on payment of housing services?

Cancellation of 30% of the cost purchased by the city housing is also provided in cases where the period of validity of the contract of purchase and sale with payment by installments is born or adopted the third child or subsequent children, or one of the children was declared invalid. The amount of the withdrawal may not exceed the unpaid balance of the value of the dwelling.

The resolution provides that the acquisition or construction of housing using the mechanisms of the state program of Moscow “Housing” can be used the maternity capital. The use of matkapital in such cases is set by the formation of the government of the Russian Federation of 12.12.2007 “On the rules of the direction of means (part of means) parent (family) capital on improvement of living conditions”.

We have previously reported that the Moscow authorities plan to increase social benefits for low-income families and families with children with disabilities, at least 2 times. In some cases, the increase in payments will amount to 3-5 times.

We also wrote about the fact that from January 2018 in Moscow will significantly increase social benefits and payments to disabled persons of groups 1 and 2, with minor children, and payments for the care of a disabled child or disabled since childhood. In addition, there will be a new allowance on the purchase of clothing for children with disabilities.