In Russia there is a platform for smart volunteers


In Russia there is a platform for those who wish to provide charitable support is not money, but professional help

12 December at the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow held a business Breakfast for 150 representatives of business, media, and hr and pr professionals. The guests were introduced to a new technology platform ProCharity and its functionality that helps to solve organizational questions of interaction of foundations and intelligent volunteers.

Platform ProCharity, implemented with the support of Mastercard, increases the level of trust between all the participants of communication, manufactures professional selection of NGOs-participants of the program, and also helps to keep a record of competence and expertise, those who can and want to work pro bono.

Time — personal, professional — the most valuable, in fact, is the key resource for each of us. Donate it to charity, especially if we are talking about professional time a technician — this is the key, in my opinion, will contribute to the exponential development of this industry. Our platform ProCharity is, on the one hand, an aggregator of professional man-hours, and on the other a pool of tasks from non-profit organizations“, — commented on the launch of the project co-founder “Friends” Yan Yanovsky.

Charity in one form or another has become part of the lives of most people in Europe and the USA, but in Russia the issue of support for NGOs remains acute with a low level of confidence in the activities of most charitable organizations. The situation is gradually improving, and, for example, if in 2015, donations to NGOs doing only 9% of all respondents, CAF World Giving, in 2017 these people already scored 17%.

The problem, in particular, is the low awareness of the potential volunteers about the opportunities intelligent assistance funds. So, in USA more than 80% of hr professionals admitted: other things being equal they would prefer a candidate with reference to intelligent volunteering in the summary. And 85% of them are willing to forgive the shortcomings of the summary candidate with an experience of this volunteerism. In Russia, in addition to the low awareness of as among the funds and among potential volunteers, there are many questions to each other.

Fund “Friends” was conducted more than 200 interviews with current and potential volunteers to determine their motivations to work pro bono and intellectual barriers to volunteering.

It turned out that the barriers to the provision of intellectual volunteer activities may be:

  • misunderstanding of what a result will work (61%)
  • time costs – when a task takes longer than planned (53%)
  • lack of understanding of Fund profession, that is the Foundation and a volunteer “speak different languages” (43%)
  • the discrepancy between the technical specifications and the actual work – that is the Foundation moving away from technical tasks and requests to do work beyond the brief (40%).

Yanovsky says: the reliability of the funds committed to the platform, there is no doubt. “We have improved the procedure a multistage test. Fund and intelligent volunteer finally met, and now one has the opportunity to use the services of a professional, and another chance to be useful and, sometimes, fundamentally change the work of the organization he helps. This win-win story, “says co-founder “Friends”.

The new platform was created on the basis of numerous studies, native and foreign, and in fact gathered all the functionality needed to coordinate the work of representatives of the funds, volunteers and moderators from the Foundation “Friends.” So, NCOs before falling into sheet “customers” is a multi-stage check by the organizer of the platform ProCharity, and volunteers built the rating, based on real feedback from representatives of charitable organisations. The gamification elements designed to increase involvement in the work platform of “Millennials” and make their participation in charity not a one-off and regular.

One of the first initiative of the Foundation “Friends” were supported by Mastercard: the company not only funded the creation of a platform ProCharity, and joined the ranks of those who support our employees in their desire to invest their skills to help charities.

Mastercard is actively involved in charitable initiatives and educational projects. We do this worldwide and we are very happy that Russia is cooperating with the Foundation “Friends”, as is the opportunity to help many people simultaneously – those who need support and those who are looking for opportunities and are willing to provide it. We encourage the business community to join the charity’s movement to work together to make the world a better place, “—says the launch of the platform ProCharity Alexey Malinovskiy, head of Mastercard in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia.

The Fund “Friends” also conducted dozens of in-depth interviews with representatives of funds throughout Russia, which showed that there is an acute shortage of specialists in the following industries:

  • web and mobile development: the need noted of 77.05% of the respondents
  • design and layout — 68,85%
  • marketing and communications — 62,30%
  • legal services — 52,46%
  • text and translation of 45.90%.

However, many funds are willing to hire a paid professional, but to be sure of a quality result. During the choice of funds primarily pay attention to the experience — 86,11%, reviews or recommendations — 62,50% specialize 55,56% and a CV and portfolio — 45,83%.

To give a few hours of your professional time per week, or periodically connect to the work of funds for a specific project can, I think, almost each to help with the design contract, design Christmas cards, make a translation of the article. Intellectual volunteering, as well as other types of assistance should be a standard practice of every conscious person. It is also quite consistent extension of CSR for many smart brands, which does not require any special resource inputs, only full support and motivation, and returns loyalty and increasing employees“, says managing Director of the Fund “Friends” Oksana Razumova.

The main participants of the discussion were:

  • Alexei Malinovsky, head of Mastercard in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia
  • Mr. Nakhapetyan, co-founder of “Friends,” Advisor to the rector and honorary member of the Association of assistance to development of the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO
  • Oksana Razumova, managing Director of the Fund “Friends”
  • Eugene Belotelov, Executive Director of the Foundation “Friends”

Moderated by Svetlana Mironyuk, managing Director at PWC, Professor of practice at the business school “SKOLKOVO”.

The event dedicated to the presentation of the platform also took part: Ivan Urgant (showman, broadcaster, Trustee of the Fund “Friends”), Polina Kitsenko (the founder of the communications Agency of a full cycle PK connection), Kseniya Rappoport (the actress, Trustee of BF “Children are butterflies”), Elizaveta Boyarskaya (actress, Trustee BF the “Doctor Clown”), Julia Snigir (actress, Trustee of BF Galchonok), Georgy Osorgin (CEO of Audemars Piguet), Dmitry Saava (General Director of BRUNELLO CUCINELLI RUS), Ekaterina Dementieva (HR Director, LLC “KARO Film Management”), Vadim Lobov (Executive Director of the Moscow financial-industrial University “synergy”), Julia Shakhnovskaya (Director of the Polytechnic Museum), Faina Zakharova (President of charity Fund “life Line”), Nut Federmesser (founder of the hospice charity Fund “Vera”), Alexander Frolov (Founder and partner of Global Target), Vladimir Smirnov (founder of the ANO Blagosfera) and others.

We believe that intellectual volunteering not only helps different charities to obtain professional help from highly qualified specialists, but also will give the opportunity for people to make a contribution in support of the charity movement, created by the Foundation “Friends.” We are absolutely sure that you have created with our support the charity project РroСharity will be a great tool not only from the point of view of attracting intelligent volunteers in various professional fields, but also help to motivate and encourage their participation in charitable activities, “said Victoria Pavlova, Vice-President Мasterсard marketing and communications in the region-growing European markets.

For cooperation and participation in the work of the platform:

Irina Shanaeva: +7 (917) 504 54 27