The operator enters the service of sign language interpretation in the shops


Оператор связи введет услугу перевода на жестовый язык в сети магазинов


Mobile operator “Beeline” launches the pilot project “Cloud-based translator”, the press service of the company. In this project, the network of stores of digital electronics “Know-How” specially trained staff will communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing customers in sign language with the help of Cloud Interpreter (interpreter).

The Cloud service allows the Interpreter to remove barriers between staff and people with hearing impairments. A special application installed on the tablet, gives the opportunity at any time to join the conversation of the seller and the buyer a professional interpreter, who will help them to understand each other.

Cloud Interpreter is a mobile service for videocalendar of translation from one language to another, including sign language. The translation is carried out not automatically, but with the help of a professional sign language interpreter. With the help of this service the deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to receive advice related to the functionality of mobile devices, the work operator, billing, using various services, etc.

Cloud interpreter was tested together with the specialists of all-Russian society of the deaf, social insurance Fund, Ministry of labor and Ministry of education. Currently this service is already implemented in several government organizations.

The Cloud Interpreter service is open from 11:00 to 19:00 any day of the week, including weekends.

For more information: phone +7 (495) 139-27-26, e-mail:

We have previously reported that from 1 January 2018 in Russia introduced a national standard for sign language interpretation. This standard introduces specific requirements for sign language and teploenergoproekt. The presence of interpreters in Russian sign language will be encouraged in government, medical and educational institutions, at various events.

We also wrote about the fact that the Ministry of labor is planning in 2018 to significantly increase the volume of services provided by teploenergoproekt for deaf-blind. Depending on the degree of hearing loss and vision deaf-blind people will be able to obtain translation services Russian sign language from 84 to 240 hours per year.