Russian scientists have developed a wheelchair controlled by gaze


Российские ученые разработали инвалидную коляску, управляемую взглядом


Employees NRC “Kurchatov Institute” working on a wheelchair, which will be managed by look and by thought, misleading “news”. Developers want to provide multiple control options: joystick, eye tracker, voice control, a system of registration of signals from the brain.

Many people with severe disabilities cannot use conventional wheelchairs with the electric drive due to weakness in the hands or complete immobility. It is for these people is designed to develop specialists NRC “Kurchatov Institute”. They have developed a wheelchair, to control where you do not need to exert any physical effort.

Currently assembled a working prototype, which is controlled by the gaze and the power of thought. In the first case, you use the eye tracker device to track the direction of gaze. The user looks at the monitor, which shows the commands: forward, backward, left and right, emergency assistance, that is, the system works like a computer mouse. He manages a wheelchair, giving a view on the desired command. A stroller can also be controlled by the power of thought to a system of registration of action currents of the brain. They are read using a special helmet with electrodes.

“It is necessary first of all to those who have disrupted muscles of the hands and feet and there is no other option for device management says research engineer of the Department of neuro-cognitive technologies complex of the Kurchatov nbics technologies Denis Malakhov. – The speed of the electroencephalogram is low, and to speed up this process is not possible. Therefore, for fast operations, we use the eye tracker, and if it breaks can give a slower team with the help of the currents of the brain.

The developers want to add more options to manage this wheelchair so that the user can choose the most appropriate for him. This can be used the usual joystick, voice control system, cybersocial – robot manipulator that controls the movement of the markup. There are a number of other features for this stroller.

“Undoubtedly, this stroller will be used by people with disorders of musculoskeletal system”, – said head of trauma and orthopedic Department of clinical center of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov Alex Lychagin.

We have previously reported that in Novosibirsk have developed a Walker a wheelchair, which will allow people with disabilities to overcome the steps. This pushchair can be used in metro, where there are special elevators for people with disabilities.